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But I say to you, every person who divorces his wife makes her become sexually unfaithful to him [i.e., since she will probably marry someone else], unless the reason for the divorce is that she had [already] become sexually unfaithful to him. And whoever marries a woman who has been divorced commits sexual sin with her [i.e., because she is still rightfully married to her first husband].

And if you are polite to your brothers and no one else, what is there remarkable in that? Do not the very heathen do that?

Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved.

and asked Him, “Are You the One who is to come, or should we expect someone else?”

Or else how can one enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.

for this people's heart has grown callous, their ears are dull of hearing, they have closed their eyes; or else perhaps they might perceive with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their heart, and should turn again; and I would heal them.'

But ye say, If any man declare to his father or mother, This is a [devoted] gift, which else might have been employed by me for thy advantage;

But Peter told him, "Even if everyone else turns against you, I certainly won't!"

How [else] then should the Scriptures be fulfilled that this must happen [than what is taking place]?"

When he had gone out onto the porch, someone else saw him, and said to those who were there, "This man also was with Jesus of Nazareth."

He said to them, "Let us go somewhere else to the towns nearby, so that I may preach there also; for that is what I came for."

No man also seweth a piece of new cloth on an old garment: else the new piece that filled it up taketh away from the old, and the rent is made worse.

And no man putteth new wine into old bottles: else the new wine doth burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled, and the bottles will be marred: but new wine must be put into new bottles.

Then the scribe said to Him, “You are right, Teacher! You have correctly said that He is One, and there is no one else except Him.

For every one else put in something from what he had to spare, while she, in her need, put in all she had--everything that she had to live on."

But Peter told him, "Even if everyone else turns against you, I certainly won't."

added this to everything else—he locked John up in prison.

And he spake also a parable unto them: No man rendeth a piece from a new garment and putteth it upon an old garment; else he will rend the new, and also the piece from the new will not agree with the old.

And no man putteth new wine into old bottles; else the new wine will burst the bottles, and be spilled, and the bottles shall perish.

and sent them to the Lord, asking, “Are You the One who is to come, or should we look for someone else?”

When the men reached Him, they said, “John the Baptist sent us to ask You, ‘Are You the One who is to come, or should we look for someone else?’”

The next day he took out two silver coins and gave them to the innkeeper, saying, 'Take care of him, and whatever else you spend, I will repay you when I come back this way.'

Peter said, "Lord, are You addressing this parable to us, or to everyone else as well?"

At that very time certain Pharisees came to Jesus saying, "Get out of here and go someplace else, for King Herod wants to kill you."

Or else when he has laid his foundation and cannot finish the building, everyone who sees it will begin to ridicule him,

Or else, while the other is yet a great way off, he sendeth an ambassage, and desireth conditions of peace.

Now he wanted to fill his stomach with the [carob] pods the hogs were eating, but no one gave him any [or perhaps, anything else].

"Everyone who divorces his wife and marries someone else commits adultery, and the one who marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery.

Did not anyone [else] come back to give praise to God, except this foreigner?"

yet because this widow bothers me, I will defend her, or else she will wear me out by her continual coming.'"

For every one else here put in something from what he had to spare, while she, in her need, has put in all she had to live upon."

For that is the way this 'day' will arrive for everyone [else] living on the entire earth.

And a little later someone else saw him and said, You are one of them also. But Peter said, Man, I am not!

And [after] about one hour had passed, someone else was insisting, saying, "In truth this man also was with him, because he is also a Galilean!"

Then, taking it down, he wrapped it in a linen sheet and laid it in a tomb in the rock, where no one else had yet been put.

[Peter, however, got up and ran to the tomb, and stooped down and saw the linen clothes but nothing else. Then he went home wondering at what had taken place.]

And they did so. When the master of the feast tasted the water which had now turned into wine, without knowing where it had come from??hough the servants who had drawn the water knew??10 he called the bridegroom and said to him, "Everyone else serves his good wine first, and his poorer wine after people have drunk deeply, but you have kept back your good wine till now!"

And said to him, Everyone else serves his best wine first, and when people have drunk freely, then he serves that which is not so good; but you have kept back the good wine until now!

Jacob's [spring-fed] well was there so Jesus, tired from His [long] journey, sat down beside the well just as He was [i.e., before doing anything else]. It was about six o'clock in the morning [Note: This would have been

The invalid answered, Sir, I have nobody when the water is moving to put me into the pool; but while I am trying to come [into it] myself, somebody else steps down ahead of me.

Later on Jesus found the man in the Temple, and said to him, "Look, you have been made well; stop sinning or else something worse [i.e., than the handicap you had] will happen to you."

[But] there is Someone else [i.e., God] who testifies about me, and I know that the testimony He gives about me is true.

Simon Peter answered Him, "Lord, who [else] could we go to? You have the message about never ending life.

Did not Moses give you the Law? ??and yet none of you honestly obeys the Law. Else, why do you want to kill me?"

They answered him, "Are you from Galilee, too? Search [the Scriptures], and you will see that no prophet will come from Galilee." [Note: They were probably referring to "the prophet" predicted to come by Moses. Deut. 18:15]. {{Most ancient manuscripts do not contain the section from 7:53 through 8:11, or else place it elsewhere in the book.

Then He stooped down again and wrote [something else] on the ground.

Truly, truly I tell you, he who does not enter the sheepfold by the gate but climbs up somewhere else, he is a thief and a robber;

My Father, Who has given them to Me, is greater and mightier than all [else]; and no one is able to snatch [them] out of the Father's hand.

Jesus said to him: He that has bathed needs nothing else save to wash his feet, but is wholly clean. And you are clean, but not all.

For some were supposing, because Judas had the money box, that Jesus was saying to him, "Buy the things we have need of for the feast"; or else, that he should give something to the poor.

If I had not done (accomplished) among them the works which no one else ever did, they would not be guilty of sin. But [the fact is] now they have both seen [these works] and have hated both Me and My Father.

Jesus answered, "Did you think of that yourself, or has someone else said it to you about me?"

I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, when you were young you girded yourself [put on your own belt or girdle] and you walked about wherever you pleased to go. But when you grow old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will put a girdle around you and carry you where you do not wish to go.

Now there is much else that Jesus did ??so much, that if it were written down in detail. I do not suppose the world itself could hold the written records.

“For it is written in the Book of Psalms:Let his dwelling become desolate;
let no one live in it; and
Let someone else take his position.

But to keep it from spreading farther among the people, let us warn them to say nothing to anyone else at all about this person."

And great fear seized the whole church and everyone else who heard about this.

but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them; or else you may even be found fighting against God."

And the eunuch said to Philip, I beg of you, tell me about whom does the prophet say this, about himself or about someone else?

He motioned to them with his hand to be quiet, and then he told them how the Lord had brought him out of the prison. He added, "Tell this to James and the brothers." Then he left and went somewhere else.

Then they [continued to] speak the message of the Lord to him and everyone [else] in his household.

Jason has welcomed them and [now] all of them [i.e., Paul, Silas, Jason and the others] are going against the [Roman] laws of Caesar by saying that someone else is [our] king; that Jesus is [king]!"

Others, indeed, were crying out something else; for the assembly had become confused, and, the greater part, knew not for what cause they had come together.

But if you want something else, it must be decided in a legal assembly.

Some in the crowd kept shouting back one thing and others something else, and since he could not ascertain the facts because of the furor, he ordered that Paul be removed to the barracks.

[While there] I was not observed arguing with anyone or trying to stir up a crowd [to riot] in the Temple or in the synagogues or [anywhere else] in the city.

Or else let these same here say, if they have found any evil doing in me, while I stood before the council,

He had hoped, along with everything else, that he would receive money from Paul, so he sent for him more frequently and had discussions with him.

Having therefore met with the help which is from God, I have stood firm unto this day, witnessing both to small and great, saying nothing else than those things which both the prophets and Moses have said should happen,

Therefore you are without excuse, O man, every one [of you] who passes judgment. For in that which you pass judgment on someone else, you condemn yourself, for you who are passing judgment are doing the same [things].

Therefore, the one who teaches someone else, do you not teach yourself? The one who preaches not to steal, do you steal?

Of course not! God is true, even if everyone else is a liar. As it is written, "You are right when you speak, and win your case when you go into court."

Far be it! Else how shall God judge the world?

So if she marries another man while her husband is alive, she is called an adulteress, but if her husband dies, she is free from that law, and can marry someone else without being an adulteress.

Therefore, my brothers, you also died to the law [i.e., were released from its binding requirements] through the body of Christ [Note: This seems to refer to Christ's death on the cross, but some think it refers to becoming a part of the church], so that you could belong to someone else, [namely] to Christ, who was raised from the dead in order that we might live spiritually productive lives for God.

What shall we say then? Is the law sin? Absolutely not! Certainly, I would not have known sin except through the law. For indeed I would not have known what it means to desire something belonging to someone else if the law had not said, "Do not covet."

Nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

But the righteousness which cometh of faith, speaketh on this wise, "Say not in thine heart, 'who shall ascend into heaven?'" That is nothing else than to fetch Christ down.

Or, "Who shall descend into the deep?" That is nothing else but to fetch up Christ from death.