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You have clothed me with skin and flesh and have knit me together with bones and sinews.

And these Thou hast laid up in Thy heart, I have known that this is with Thee.

If I have done wickedly -- woe to me, And righteously -- I lift not up my head, Full of shame -- then see my affliction,

""You have brought new witnesses against me, you're even more angry with me you've brought fresh troops to attack me!

I should have been as though I had not been; I should have been carried from the womb to the grave.

Are not the days of my life small in number? Let your eyes be turned away from me, so that I may have a little pleasure,

And thou sayest, 'Pure is my discourse, And clean I have been in Thine eyes.'

If you put far away the evil of your hands, and let no wrongdoing have a place in your tent;

Then mightest thou lift up thy face without shame! Then shouldest thou be sure, and have no need to fear.

And thou shalt have confidence, because there shall be hope; and having searched about thee, thou shalt take rest in safety.

And thou hast rested, And none is causing trembling, And many have entreated thy face;

No doubt you have knowledge, and wisdom will come to an end with you.

But I have understanding as well as you; I am not inferior to you: yea, who knoweth not such things as these?

"I'm a laughingstock to my friends, someone who called on God. But then he answered this upright and blameless man, and I have become a laughingstock.

{Those at ease have contempt} for [the] thought of {disaster}, [but it is] ready for those unstable of foot.

At peace are the tents of spoilers, And those provoking God have confidence, He into whose hand God hath brought.

Have not the ears pleasure in hearing, and the mouth in tasting the thing that it eateth?

He poureth out confusion upon princes, and comforteth them that have been oppressed.

Look, my eyes have seen all this;
my ears have heard and understood it.

According to your knowledge I have known -- also I. I am not fallen more than you.

But I would have talk with the Ruler of all, and my desire is to have an argument with God.

But you are forgers of lies [you defame my character most untruthfully]; you are all physicians of no value and have no remedy to offer.

Will you have respect for God's person in this cause, and put yourselves forward as his supporters?

Will it be good for you to be searched out by him, or have you the thought that he may be guided into error like a man?

He will certainly put you right, if you have respect for persons in secret.

"{Let me have silence}, and I myself will speak, and let come over me whatever [may].

I have this as my salvation: the godless person won't be appearing before him.

Pay attention to what I have to say and listen to my testimony with your own ears."

Only grant these two things to me, God,
so that I will not have to hide from Your presence:

How many iniquities and sins have I? My transgression and my sin let me know.

Indeed, have you opened your eyes on one like this to bring me into a legal fight with you?

Let your eyes be turned away from him, and take your hand from him, so that he may have pleasure at the end of his day, like a servant working for payment.

Even if its roots have grown ancient in the earth, and its stump begins to rot in the ground,

Waters have gone away from a sea, And a river becometh waste and dry.

Thou shalt call, and I will answer thee: thou wilt have a desire to the work of thine hands.

Stones have waters worn away, Their outpourings wash away the dust of earth, And the hope of man Thou hast destroyed.

But his flesh upon him shall have pain, and his soul within him shall mourn.

Should a wise man utter such windy knowledge [as we have just heard] and fill himself with the east wind [of withering, parching, and violent accusations]?

Will he make arguments with words in which is no profit, and with sayings which have no value?

For your mouth is guided by your sin, and you have taken the tongue of the false for yourself.

Have you listened in God's confidential discussion? And do you limit wisdom to yourself?

What knowledge have you which we have not? is there anything in your mind which is not in ours?

"We have both the gray-haired and the aged with us, and they are far older than your father.

Are God's consolations [as we have interpreted them to you] too trivial for you? Is there any secret thing (any bosom sin) which you have not given up? [Or] were we too gentle [in our first speech] toward you to be effective?

Why have your emotions carried you away? And why do your eyes flash

That you turn your spirit against God and let [such] words [as you have spoken] go out of your mouth?

Lo, in His holy ones He putteth no credence, And the heavens have not been pure in His eyes.

'All days of the wicked he is paining himself, And few years have been laid up for the terrible one.

And he inhabiteth cities cut off, houses not dwelt in, That have been ready to become heaps.

Shall vain words have an end? or what emboldeneth thee that thou answerest?

and encourage you with what I have to say; my words of comfort would lessen your pain.

Even if I speak, my suffering is not relieved,
and if I hold back, what have I lost?

But now [God] has taken away my strength. You [O Lord] have made desolate all my family and associates.

You have laid firm hold on me and have shriveled me up, which is a witness against me; and my leanness [and wretched state of body] are further evidence [against me]; [they] testify to my face.

They have gaped upon me with their mouth; they have smitten me upon the cheek reproachfully; they have gathered themselves together against me.

At ease I have been, and he breaketh me, And he hath laid hold on my neck, And he breaketh me in pieces, And he raiseth me to him for a mark.

His archers surround me; he slashes open my kidneys, and he does not have compassion; he pours out my gall on the ground.

Though my hands have done no violent acts, and my prayer is clean.

O earth, cover not thou my blood, and let my cry have no place.

Even now, behold! I have a witness in heaven, my Advocate is on high.

Indeed, [after] {a few years} have come, then I will go [the] way [from which] I will not return.

But their hearts [Lord] You have closed to understanding; therefore You will not let them triumph [by giving them a verdict against me].

He has made me an object of scorn to the people;
I have become a man people spit at.

They have transformed night into day "The light,' they say, "is about to become dark.'

If I wait, the grave is mine house: I have made my bed in the darkness.

I have said to corruption, Thou art my father: to the worm, Thou art my mother, and my sister.

Where then is my hope? And if I have hope, who will see [its fulfillment]?

All that I have, shall go down into the pit, and lie with me in the dust."

How long will you lay snares for words and have to hunt for your argument? Do some clear thinking, and then we will reply.

Wherefore have we been reckoned as cattle? We have been defiled in your eyes!

Round about terrified him have terrors, And they have scattered him -- at his feet.

His remembrance shall perish from the earth, and he shall have no name in the street.

He shall neither have son nor nephew among his people, nor any remaining in his dwellings.

At this day westerns have been astonished And easterns have taken fright.

These ten times have ye reproached me: ye are not ashamed that ye make yourselves strange to me.

Behold, I shall cry out that I have been wronged, and I shall not be heard; I shall cry aloud, and there shall be no judgment.

His troops have come together and cast up their way against me, and have encamped round about my tent.

My brethren from me He hath put far off, And mine acquaintances surely Have been estranged from me.

Sojourners of my house and my maids, For a stranger reckon me: An alien I have been in their eyes.

To my servant I have called, And he doth not answer, With my mouth I make supplication to him.

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