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wherein the proud and high minded walk not, and where no lion cometh.

{A song of the stairs} LORD, I am not high-minded; I have no proud looks. I do not exercise myself in great matters which are too high for me.

But see, the Lord God of Hosts shall take away the proud from thence, with fear. He shall hew down the proud, and fell the high minded.

For why? It is he, that bringeth low the high minded citizens, and casteth down the proud cities. He casteth them to the ground, yea even in to the mire,

As for Moab's pride, we have heard of it, she is very high-minded. I know her stoutness, her boasting, her arrogance, and the pride of her stomach, sayeth the LORD.

Be not high-minded, but fear. For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed left he also spare not thee.

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But, on the morrow, being minded to get to know the certainty as to why he was being accused by the Jews, he released him, and ordered the High-priests and all the High-council to come together; and, bringing down Paul, set him before them.

And, being minded to find out the cause for which they were accusing him, I took him down into their High-council,

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