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He has laid hold on His servant Israel [to help him, to espouse his cause], in remembrance of His mercy,

And when they saw him they were amazed. And his mother said to him: Child, why have you acted thus toward us? Be hold, your father and I have sought for you in sorrow.

With their hands they will hold you up, so that you will never hit your foot against a rock.'"

And rising up, they pushed and drove Him out of the town, and [laying hold of Him] they led Him to the [projecting] upper part of the hill on which their town was built, that they might hurl Him headlong down [over the cliff].

And Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold thy peace, and come out of him. And when the devil had thrown him in the midst, he came out of him, and hurt him not.

They signaled to their partners in the other boat to come and take hold with them. And they came and filled both the boats, so that they began to sink.

For astonishment had laid hold on him, and on all those who were with him, at the haul of fishes which they had taken;

And amazement took hold on all, and they glorified God; and they were filled with fear, saying, We have seen strange things to-day.

He looked around at all of them and then told the man, "Hold out your hand." The man did so, and his hand was restored to health.

And fear took hold on all: and they glorified God, saying, A great prophet is arisen among us: and, God hath visited his people.

(For he had charged the unclean spirit to come out of the man. Many a time when it had seized hold of him, he had been fastened secure in fetters and chains, but he would snap his bonds and be driven by the daemon into the desert.)

And Jesus said; Who having touched me? And all denying, Peter said. and they with him: Ruler, the crowds hold with thee and press thee, and thou sayest, Who having touched me?

But he, having turned them all out and taking hold of her hand, cried saying, Child, arise.

For when an evil spirit takes hold of him he suddenly screams and [then] it throws him into convulsions so that he foams [at the mouth]. And it does not want to leave him, [even after] severely bruising him.

and Jesus having seen the reasoning of their heart, having taken hold of a child, set him beside himself,

But Martha meanwhile was growing distracted about much serving. She came up to him and said: "Lord do you not care that my sister has left me alone to do the serving? Come tell her to take hold of her end of the work along with me."

And he saying these things to them, the scribes and Pharisees began to hold on greatly, and to put questions to him of many things:

trying to entrap him, and seeking to lay hold on something from his mouth, that they might accuse him.

The Lord said, Who then is the faithful, wise steward, whom the lord will establish over his house-hold, to give them their food in season?

And he said to them: Go and toll that fox, Be hold, I cast out demons, and perform cures to-day and to-morrow, and the third day I finish the work.

And all began, without exception, to excuse themselves. The first said to him, I have bought land, and I must go out and see it; I pray thee hold me for excused.

And another said, I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I go to prove them; I pray thee hold me for excused.

He called him and said, "'What is this I hear about you? Render an account of your stewardship, for I cannot let you hold it any longer.'

Doth he hold it as a favour from that servant, that he did the things which were ordered him? I think not.

And they which went before rebuked him, that he should hold his peace: but he cried so much the more, Thou Son of David, have mercy on me.

And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.

And they watched him, and sent forth spies, which should feign themselves just men, that they might take hold of his words, that so they might deliver him unto the power and authority of the governor.

Hold from the scribes, wishing to walk about in robes, and loving greetings in the markets, and precedencies in assemblies, and the first places at tables at suppers;

But before all these things happen, the authorities will grab hold of you, and persecute you, and turn you over to the synagogues and prisons [i.e., for punishment and confinement]. They will take you in front of kings and governors for being loyal to me.

And having laid hold on him, they led him away, and they led him into the house of the high priest. And Peter followed afar off.

And as they led him away, they laid hold upon one Simon, a Cyrenian, coming out of the country, and on him they laid the cross, that he might bear it after Jesus.