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So get up early in the morning, you and your masters’ servants who came with you. When you’ve all gotten up early, go as soon as it’s light.”

“His sons favor the poor [and pay his obligations],
And his hands give back his [ill-gotten] wealth.

“He swallows [his ill-gotten] riches,
But will vomit them up;
God will drive them out of his belly.

“He sucks the poison of vipers [which ill-gotten wealth contains];
The viper’s tongue slays him.

He gives back the ill-gotten gain without assimilating it; he will not enjoy the wealth from his commerce.

A tyrannical ruler lacks judgment. One who hates ill-gotten gain will have long days.

The person who gathers wealth by unjust means is like the partridge that broods over eggs but does not hatch them. Before his life is half over he will lose his ill-gotten gains. At the end of his life it will be clear he was a fool."

And look! I strike my hand for your ill-gotten gain that you [have] made and at your blood that was in the midst of you.

So if you have proved untrustworthy in using your ill-gotten wealth, who will trust you with true riches?

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