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The Israelites, however, were fruitful, increased greatly, multiplied, and became extremely strong, so that the land was filled with them.

But Sihon, king of Heshbon, would not let us go through; for the Lord your God made his spirit hard and his heart strong, so that he might give him up into your hands as at this day.

so that all the people of the land do know the hand of Jehovah that it is strong, so that ye have reverenced Jehovah your God all the days.'

And in each city he put [large] shields and spears, and made them very strong. So he held Judah and Benjamin.

for lo, the wicked bend their bow; they make ready their arrow on the string, so that they may secretly shoot at the upright in heart.

Because with lies you have saddened the heart of the righteous, whom I have not made sad; and have made the hands of the wicked strong, so that he should not turn from his wicked way, by promising him life;

saying, "O thou man so well beloved, fear not: be content, take a good heart unto thee, and be strong." So when he had spoken unto me, I recovered, and said, "Speak on, my lord, for thou hast refreshed me."

That strengtheneth the spoiled against the strong, so that the spoiled shall come against the fortress.

"This is what the LORD of the Heavenly Armies says: "Be strong so the Temple can be built, you who are now listening to this message spoken by the prophets when the foundation was laid to the Temple of the LORD of the Heavenly Armies.