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And Jehovah God will form out of the earth every living thing of the field, and all the birds of the heavens, and he will bring in to the man to see what he will call to it; and all which the man will call it to the living soul, that its name.

And Jehovah God will say to the woman, What is this thou didst? And the woman will say, The serpent deceived me and I shall eat.

And he will say, What didst thou? the voice of thy brother's bloods, crying out to me from the earth.

And Noah will awake from his wine and will know what his young son did to him.

And Pharaoh will call to Abram, and will say, What this thou didst to me? why didst thou not declare to me that she is thy wife?

Nothing yet for me except what the young men ate, and the portion of the men who went with me, Aner, Eshcol, and Mamra; they shall take their portion.

And Abram will say, My Lord Jehovah, what wilt thou give to me, and I going childless, and the son of Masek in my house, he Eliezer of Damascus?

And I will take a bit of food, and strengthen your heart, afterwards ye shall pass away; for, for this ye passed over to your servant And they will say, Thou shalt do according to what thou saidst

And Jehovah will say to Abraham, For what did Sarah laugh, saying, Shall truly even I bring forth, and I have become old?

Behold now, thy servant found grace in thine eyes, and thou wilt magnify thy kindness, what thou didst by me to make my soul live: and I shall not be able to escape to the mountain so evil over-taking me, and I die.

And Abimelech will call to Abraham, and say to him, What didst thou to us? and what did we sin against thee, that thou didst bring upon me and upon my kingdom a great sin? thou didst works to me which shall not be done.

And Abimelech will say to Abraham, What sawest thou that thou didst this thing?

And God will hear the voice of the child: and the messenger of God will call to Hagar from the heavens, and will say to her, What to thee Hagar? thou. shalt not fear, for God heard the voice of the child, from where he is.

And Abimelech will say to Abraham, What here these seven ewe lambs which thou didst set alone?

Lord, hear me: the land, four hundred shekels of silver; between me and between thee, what is that? and bury thy dead.

Behold, Rebekah before thy face, take and go, and she shall be wife to thy lord's son, according to what Jehovah spake.

And Esau will say, Behold, I am going to die, and what to me this birthright?

And Abimelech will say, What this thou didst to us? nearly one of the people lay with thy wife, and thou broughtest blame upon us.

And Isaak will answer and say to Esau, Behold, I made him mighty over thee, and all his brethren I gave to him for servants; and with corn and new wine I supported him: and what shall I do to thee my son?

Until thy brother's anger turning away from thee, and forgetting what thou didst to him: and I have sent and have taken thee from thence, lest I shall be bereaved of you two in one day.

And Rebekah will say to Isaak, I was finished in my life from the face of the daughters of Heth: if Jacob took a wife from the daughters of Heth, as these from the daughters of the land, for what to me life?

And Laban will say to Jacob, Because thou art my brother shalt thou serve me gratuitously? announce to me what thy reward.

And it will be in the morning, and behold, she was Leak And he will say to Laban, What this thou didst to me? did I not serve with thee for Rachel? and wherefore didst thou deceive me?

And he will say to him, Thou. knewest what I served thee, and what was thy cattle with me.

And he will say, What shall I give to thee? and Jacob will say, Thou shalt not give to me anything. If thou wilt do to me this word, I will return; I will feed thy sheep; I will watch.

And he will hear the words of Laban's sons, saying, Jacob took all which was to our father, and from what was to our father he made all this multitude.

And Laban will say to Jacob, What didst thou and thou didst steal my heart, and will carry away my daughters as captives of the sword?

For what didst thou hide to break away, and didst steal me, and didst not announce to me? and I will send thee away with gladness and with songs, with the drum and with the harp?

And now going thou didst go, for desiring thou didst greatly desire after the house of thy father; for what didst thou steal my gods?

With whom thou shalt find thy gods, he shall not live: before our brethren, behold for thyself what is with me and take to thee: and Jacob knew not that Rachel stole them.

And it kindled to Jacob, and he will contend with Laban, and Jacob will answer and say to Laban, What my fault? what my sin that thou didst hotly pursue after me?

That thou didst feel all my vessels, what didst thou find of all the vessels of thy house? Set here before my brethren and thy brethren, and they shall decide between us two.

And Laban will answer and say to Jacob, The daughters, my daughters, and the sons, my sons, and the sheep, my sheep, and all which thou sawest, this to me, and to my daughters: what shall I do to these this day, or to their sons which they brought forth?

And he will pass the night them in that night, and he will take from what came into his hand, a gift to Esau his brother.

Andhewill take them and will cause them to pass through the torrent, and he will cause to pass through what is to him.

And he will say to him, What thy name? and he will say, Jacob.

And Jacob will ask and will say, Announce now, thy name: and he will say, For what this thou wilt ask for my name? and he will bless him there.

And he will say, What to thee all this camp which I met? and he will say, To find grace in thine eyes, my lord.

And Esau will say, There is much to me, my brother; what is to thee shall be to thee.

And Esau will say, I will leave now with thee, from the people which are to me; and he will say, For what this? I shall find grace in the eyes of my lord.

And Shechem will say to her father, and to her brethren, Shall I find favor in your eyes? and what ye shall say to me I will give.

Their sheep and their oxen and their asses, and what was in the city, and what in the field, they took.

And he will recount to his father and to his brethren. And his father will rebuke him, and will say to him, What this dream which thou didst dream? Coming, shall I and thy mother and thy brethren come to worship to thee upon the earth?

And a man will find him, and behold, he wandered in the field. And the man will ask him, saying, What wilt thou seek?

And now, come, and we will kill him, and throw him into one of the pits; and we will say, An evil beast devoured him: and we shall see what will be his dreams.

And Judah will say to his brethren, What the profit that we shall kill our brother, and conceal his blood?

And it will be evil in the eyes of Jehovah, what he did, and he will kill him also

And he will turn to her by the way, and will say, Now I will come in to thee; for he knew not that she was his daughter-in-law: and she will say, What wilt thou give to me that thou wilt come in to me?

And he will say, What the pledge which I shall give to thee? And she will say, Thy seal, and thy cord, and thy rod which is in thy hand: and he will give to her, and will go in to her, and she will conceive by him.

And he will refuse, and will say to his lord's wife, Behold, my lord knew not what is with me in the house, and all which is to him he gave into my hand;

The chief of the house of the fortress saw not all the things in his hand, because Jehovah was with him: and what he did Jehovah prospering.

And he will hang the chief of the bakers, according to what Joseph interpreted to them.

This the word which I spake to Pharaoh: what God did, he showed Pharaoh.

And all the land of Egypt shall hunger, and the people will cry out to Pharaoh for bread; and Pharaoh will say to all Egypt, Go to Joseph; what he shall say to you, ye shall do.

And when Jacob shall see there is selling in Egypt, Jacob will say to his sons, For what will ye look?

And he will say to his brethren, My silver restored; and also behold in my sack: and their heart will go forth and they will tremble, a man saying to his brother, What this God did to us?

And Israel will say, For what did ye evil to me to announce to the man to be yet a brother to you?

And the man will do according to what Joseph said: and the man will bring the men into Joseph's house.

They came forth out of the city, they were not far off, and Joseph said to him over his house, Arise, pursue after the men, and having overtaken them, and say to them, For what did ye requite evil for good?

And they will say to him, For what will my lord speak according to these words? far be it for thy servants to do according to this word.

And Joseph will say to them, What this deed ye did? knew ye not that divining, a man shall divine such as I?

And Judah will say to him, What shall we say to my lord? what shall we speak? and how shall we be justified? God found the iniquity of thy servants: behold we are servants to my lord, also we, also him the cup being found in his hand.

And it will be when Pharaoh shall call to you and say, What your work?

And Pharaoh will say to his brethren, What your work? and they will say to Pharaoh, Thy servants were feeding sheep, also we, also our fathers.

And Joseph will place his father and his brethren, and will give to them possession in the land of Egypt, in the best of the land, in the land of Rameses, according to what Pharaoh commanded.

And the silver will be spent from the land of Egypt and from the land of Canaan; and all the Egyptians will go to Joseph, saying, Give to us bread: and for what shall we die before thee? for the silver failed.

For what shall we die before thine eyes, also we, also our land? buy us and our land for bread, and we and our land will be servants to Pharaoh: and give seed, and we shall live and not die, and the land shall not be laid waste.

And Jacob will call to his sons, and will say, Be ye gathered together, and I will announce to you what shall happen to you in the last part of the days.

All these tribes of Israel, twelve: and this what their father spake to them, and he will bless them; each according to his blessing he blessed them.

And Pharaoh will say, Go up and bury thy father, according to what he caused thee to swear.

And his sons will do to him thus according to what he commanded them.

And he will go forth in the second day, and behold, two men, Hebrews, (paneling; and he will say to the unjust one, For what wilt thou smite thy friend?

And he will say to his daughters, Where is he? for what this left ye the man? call to him and he shall eat bread.

And Moses will say to God, Behold me going to the sons of Israel, and I spake to them, The God of your fathers sent me to you; and they said to me, What his name? what shall I say to them?

Come, and gather together the old men of Israel, and say to them, Jehovah, the God of your fathers, was seen to me, the God of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob, saying, Reviewing, I reviewed you and what was done to you in Egypt

And Jehovah will say to him, What this in thy hand? and he will say, A rod.

And speak to him, and put words in his mouth: and I will be with thy mouth, and with his mouth, and teach you what ye shall do.

And the king of Egypt will say to them, For what Moses and Aaron, will ye let go loose the people from their works? go ye to your burdens.

And the scribes of the sons of Israel will come in, and will cry to Pharaoh, saying, For what wilt thou do this to thy servants?

And Jehovah will say to Moses, Now thou shalt see what I will do to Pharaoh: for with a strong hand will he send them forth, and with a strong hand will he drive them out of his land.

And Moses will say to Pharaoh, Be honored over me: at what time shall I pray for thee and for thy servants and for thy people, to cut off the frogs from thee and from thy houses, only in the river shall they remain?

And that thou shalt recount in the ears of thy son, and of thy son's son, what I performed in Egypt, and my signs which I set up among them; and ye knew that I am Jehovah.

And also our cattle shall go with us; a hoof shall not be left; for from us we shall take to serve Jehovah our God; and we shall not know what we shall serve Jehovah till we come there.

And in the first day a calling of holiness, and in the seventh day a calling of holiness shall be to you; every service shall not be done in them only what shall be eaten by every soul; this only shall be done by you.

And it shall be when your sons shall say to you, What this service to you?

And it was when thy son shall ask thee to-morrow, saying, What this? and thou saidst to him, With strength of hand Jehovah brought us forth out of Egypt from the house of servants.

And it was announced to the king of Egypt that the people fled: and the heart of Pharaoh will be turned, and his servants, against the people, and they will say, What this we did, that we sent forth Israel from serving us?

And they will say to Moses, Because no tombs are in Egypt, didst thou take us to die in the desert? what this thou didst to us to bring us forth out of Egypt?

And it was in the sixth day, and they prepared what they shall bring in; and it was double to what they will gather day by day.

And the morning, and ye saw the glory of Jehovah, in his hearing your murmurings against Jehovah and what are we that ye will murmur against us?

And Moses will say, In Jehovah giving you in the evening flesh to eat, and bread in the morning to satiety; in Jehovah hearing your murmurings which ye murmured against him: and what are we? not against us your murmurings but against Jehovah.

And the sons of Israel will see, and they will say, each to his brother, What this? for they knew not what it was And Moses will say to them, This the bread which Jehovah gave to you to eat

And he will say to them, This what Jehovah spake, To-morrow the Sabbath, a holy rest to Jehovah: what ye will cook, cook; and what ye will boil, boil; and all exceeding, leave for you for preservation till the morning.