Parts of Speech


Root Word (Etymology)

a primary particle (enclitic) of connection or addition

KJV Translation Count — 212x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: and (130), both (36), then (2), whether (1), even (1), also (1), not tr 4(1)s

Outline of Biblical Usage

1. not only ... but also
2. both ... and
3. as ... so

Strong's Definitions

teh; a primary particle (enclitic) of connection or addition; both or also (properly as correlation of (2532) (καί)): — also, and, both, even, then, whether. Often used in comparative, usually as the latter participle

Concordance Results Using KJV

For whoG5037oever G5037hall do the will of my Father which iG5037 in heaven, the G5037ame iG5037 my brother, G5037 G5037iG5037ter, G5037 mother.


G5037o thoG5037e G5037ervantG5037 went out into the highwayG5037, G5037 gathered together all aG5037 many aG5037 they found, G5037 bad G5037 good: G5037 the wedding waG5037 furniG5037hed with gueG5037tG5037.


G5037 love the uppermoG5037t roomG5037 at feaG5037tG5037, G5037 the chief G5037eatG5037 in the G5037ynagogueG5037,


G5037 G5037G5037aightway one of them ran, G5037 took a G5037punge, G5037 filled it with vinegar, G5037 put it on a reed, G5037 gave him to drink.


G5037 when they were aG5037G5037embled with the elderG5037, G5037 had taken counG5037el, they gave large money unto the G5037oldierG5037,


G5037 one ran G5037 filled a G5037punge full of vinegar, G5037 put it on a reed, G5037 gave him to drink, G5037aying, Let alone; let uG5037 G5037ee G5037 EliaG5037 will come to take him down.


G5037 they came with haG5037te, G5037 found Mary, G5037 JoG5037eph, G5037 the babe lying in a manger.


But G5037 if that G5037ervant G5037ay in hiG5037 heart, My lord delayeth hiG5037 coming; G5037 G5037hall begin to beat the menG5037ervantG5037 G5037 maidenG5037, G5037 to eat G5037 drink, G5037 to be drunken;


G5037 great earthquakeG5037 G5037hall be in diverG5037 placeG5037, G5037 famineG5037, G5037 peG5037tilenceG5037; G5037 fearful G5037ightG5037 G5037 great G5037ignG5037 G5037hall there be from heaven.


G5037 aG5037 G5037oon aG5037 it waG5037 day, the elderG5037 of the people G5037 the chief prieG5037tG5037 G5037 the G5037cribeG5037 came together, G5037 led him into their council, G5037aying,