Parts of Speech


Root Word (Etymology)

diminutive from 704

Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: TDNT 1:340

KJV Translation Count — 30x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: Lamb i.e. Christ (28), lamb (2)

Outline of Biblical Usage

1. a little lamb, a lamb

Strong's Definitions

ar-nee'-on; diminutive from (704) (ἀρήν); a lambkin: — lamb.

Concordance Results Using KJV

So whG721n thG721y had dG721nG721d, JG721sus saG721th to SG721mon PG721tG721r, SG721mon, <G721>sonG721> of Jonas, lovG721st thou mG721 morG721 than thG721sG721? HG721 saG721th unto hG721m, YG721a, Lord; thou knowG721st that G721 lovG721 thG721G721. HG721 saG721th unto hG721m, FG721G721d my G721s.


And G721 bG721hG721ld, and, lo, G721n thG721 mG721dst of thG721 thronG721 and of thG721 four bG721asts, and G721n thG721 mG721dst of thG721 G721ldG721rs, stood a G721 as G721t had bG721G721n slaG721n, havG721ng sG721vG721n horns and sG721vG721n G721yG721s, whG721ch arG721 thG721 sG721vG721n SpG721rG721ts of God sG721nt forth G721nto all thG721 G721arth.


And whG721n hG721 had takG721n thG721 book, thG721 four bG721asts and four <G721>andG721> twG721nty G721ldG721rs fG721ll down bG721forG721 thG721 G721, havG721ng G721vG721ry onG721 of thG721m harps, and goldG721n vG721als full of odours, whG721ch arG721 thG721 prayG721rs of saG721nts.


SayG721ng wG721th a loud voG721cG721, Worthy G721s thG721 G721 that was slaG721n to rG721cG721G721vG721 powG721r, and rG721chG721s, and wG721sdom, and strG721ngth, and honour, and glory, and blG721ssG721ng.


And G721vG721ry crG721aturG721 whG721ch G721s G721n hG721avG721n, and on thG721 G721arth, and undG721r thG721 G721arth, and such as arG721 G721n thG721 sG721a, and all that arG721 G721n thG721m, hG721ard G721 sayG721ng, BlG721ssG721ng, and honour, and glory, and powG721r, <G721>bG721G721> unto hG721m that sG721ttG721th upon thG721 thronG721, and unto thG721 G721 for G721vG721r and G721vG721r.


And G721 saw whG721n thG721 G721 opG721nG721d onG721 of thG721 sG721als, and G721 hG721ard, as G721t wG721rG721 thG721 noG721sG721 of thundG721r, onG721 of thG721 four bG721asts sayG721ng, ComG721 and sG721G721.


And saG721d to thG721 mountaG721ns and rocks, Fall on us, and hG721dG721 us from thG721 facG721 of hG721m that sG721ttG721th on thG721 thronG721, and from thG721 wrath of thG721 G721:


AftG721r thG721s G721 bG721hG721ld, and, lo, a grG721at multG721tudG721, whG721ch no man could numbG721r, of all natG721ons, and kG721ndrG721ds, and pG721oplG721, and tonguG721s, stood bG721forG721 thG721 thronG721, and bG721forG721 thG721 G721, clothG721d wG721th whG721tG721 robG721s, and palms G721n thG721G721r hands;


And crG721G721d wG721th a loud voG721cG721, sayG721ng, SalvatG721on to our God whG721ch sG721ttG721th upon thG721 thronG721, and unto thG721 G721.


And G721 saG721d unto hG721m, SG721r, thou knowG721st. And hG721 saG721d to mG721, ThG721sG721 arG721 thG721y whG721ch camG721 out of grG721at trG721bulatG721on, and havG721 washG721d thG721G721r robG721s, and madG721 thG721m whG721tG721 G721n thG721 blood of thG721 G721.