Parts of Speech

n f

Root Word (Etymology)

of uncertain (perhaps foreign) derivation

Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 458

KJV Translation Count — 22x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: law (9), decree (9), commandment (2), manner (1), commission (1)

Outline of Biblical Usage

1. decree, law, edict, regulation, usage
a. decree, edict, commission
b. law, rule

Strong's Definitions

dath, dawth; of uncertain (perhaps foreign) derivation: a royal edict or statute: — commandment, commission, decree, law, manner.

Concordance Results Using KJV

And he said, The LORD came from Sinai, and rose up from Seir unto them; he shined forth from mount Paran, and he came with ten thousands of saints: from his right hand went a fiery H1881 for them.


And they delivered the king's H1881s unto the king's lieutenants, and to the governors on this side the river: and they furthered the people, and the house of God.


And the drinking was according to the H1881; none did compel: for so the king had appointed to all the officers of his house, that they should do according to every man's pleasure.


Then the king said to the wise men, which knew the times, (for so was the king's H1881 toward all that knew H1881 and judgment:


What shall we do unto the queen Vashti according to H1881, because she hath not performed the H1881 of the king Ahasuerus by the chamberlains?


If it please the king, let there go a royal H1881 from him, and let it be written among the H1881s of the Persians and the Medes, that it be not altered, That Vashti come no more before king Ahasuerus; and let the king give her royal estate unto another that is better than she.


So it came to pass, when the king's H1881 and his H1881 was heard, and when many maidens were gathered together unto Shushan the palace, to the custody of Hegai, that Esther was brought also unto the king's house, to the custody of Hegai, keeper of the women.


Now when every maid's turn was come to go in to king Ahasuerus, after that she had been twelve months, according to the H1881 of the women, (for so were the days of their purifications accomplished, to wit, six months with oil of myrrh, and six months with sweet odours, and with other things for the purifying of the women;)


And Haman said unto king Ahasuerus, There is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the people in all the provinces of thy kingdom; and their H1881s are diverse from all people; neither keep they the king's H1881s: therefore it is not for the king's profit to suffer them.


The copy of the writing for a H1881 to be given in every province was published unto all people, that they should be ready against that day.