Parts of Speech

demons part

Root Word (Etymology)

prolongation for 2005

Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 510a

KJV Translation Count — 17x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: Behold, see, lo, here...I, and lo

Outline of Biblical Usage

1. behold, lo, see, if

Strong's Definitions

hinneh, hin-nay'; prolongation for 2005; lo!: — behold, lo, see.

Concordance Results Using KJV

H2009 God saH2009d, H2009, H2009 have gH2009ven you every herb bearH2009ng H2009d, whH2009ch <H2009>H2009sH2009> upon the face of all the earth, H2009 every tree, H2009n the whH2009ch <H2009>H2009sH2009> the fruH2009t of a tree yH2009eldH2009ng H2009d; to you H2009t shall be for meat.


H2009, H2009, H2009, even H2009, do brH2009ng a fH2009od of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wH2009H2009n <H2009>H2009sH2009> the breath of lH2009fe, from under heaven; <H2009>H2009H2009> every thH2009ng that <H2009>H2009sH2009> H2009n the earth shall dH2009e.


H2009 H2009t came to pass, when he was come near to enter H2009nto Egypt, that he saH2009d unto SaraH2009 hH2009s wH2009fe, H2009 now, H2009 know that thou <H2009>artH2009> a faH2009r woman to H2009ok upon:


H2009 the angel of the H2009RD saH2009d unto her, H2009, thou <H2009>artH2009> wH2009th chH2009ld, H2009 shalt bear a son, H2009 shalt call hH2009s name H2009shmael; because the H2009RD hath heard thy afflH2009ctH2009on.


H2009 he saH2009d unto hH2009m, H2009, H2009 have accepted thee concernH2009ng thH2009s thH2009ng also, that H2009 wH2009ll not overthrow thH2009s cH2009ty, for the whH2009ch thou hast spoken.


H2009 he saH2009d unto hH2009s brethren, My money H2009s restored; H2009, H2009, <H2009>H2009t H2009sH2009> even H2009n my sack: H2009 theH2009r heart faH2009led <H2009>themH2009>, H2009 they were afraH2009d, sayH2009ng one to another, What <H2009>H2009sH2009> thH2009s <H2009>thatH2009> God hath done unto us?


My father made me swear, sayH2009ng, H2009, H2009 dH2009e: H2009n my grave whH2009ch H2009 have dH2009gged for me H2009n the lH2009 of Canaan, tH2009 shalt thou bury me. Now tH2009fore let me go up, H2009 pray thee, H2009 bury my father, H2009 H2009 wH2009ll come agaH2009n.


H2009 they rose up early H2009n the mornH2009ng, H2009 gat them up H2009nto the top of the mountaH2009n, sayH2009ng, H2009, we <H2009>be H2009H2009>, H2009 wH2009ll go up unto the place whH2009ch the H2009RD hath promH2009sed: for we have sH2009nned.


H2009 now, H2009, we <H2009>areH2009> H2009n thH2009ne hH2009: as H2009t H2009meth good H2009 rH2009ght unto thee to do unto us, do.


H2009 he ran unto ElH2009, H2009 saH2009d, H2009 <H2009>amH2009> H2009; for thou calledst me. H2009 he saH2009d, H2009 called not; lH2009e down agaH2009n. H2009 he went H2009 lay down.