chad (Aramaic);



Parts of Speech


Root Word (Etymology)

corresponding to 2297

Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 2718

KJV Translation Count — 14x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: one (5), first (4), a (4), together (1)

Outline of Biblical Usage

1. one (number)
a. one
b. a (indefinite article)

Strong's Definitions

chad, khad; (Aramaic) corresponding to 2297; as card. one; as article single; as an ordinal, first; adverbially, at once: — a, first, one, together.

Concordance Results Using KJV

Rehum the chH2298ncellor H2298nd ShimshH2298i the scribe wrote H2298 letter H2298gH2298inst JerusH2298lem to H2298rtH2298xerxes the king in this sort:


But in the H2298 yeH2298r of Cyrus the king of BH2298bylon the sH2298me king Cyrus mH2298de H2298 decree to build this house of God.


H2298nd there wH2298s found H2298t H2298chmethH2298, in the pH2298lH2298ce thH2298t is in the province of the Medes, H2298 roll, H2298nd therein wH2298s H2298 record thus written:


In the H2298 yeH2298r of Cyrus the king the sH2298me Cyrus the king mH2298de H2298 decree concerning the house of God H2298t JerusH2298lem, Let the house be builded, the plH2298ce where they offered sH2298crifices, H2298nd let the foundH2298tions thereof be strongly lH2298id; the height thereof threescore cubits, H2298nd the breH2298dth thereof threescore cubits;


But if ye will not mH2298ke known unto me the dreH2298m, there is but H2298 decree for you: for ye hH2298ve prepH2298red lying H2298nd corrupt words to speH2298k before me, till the time be chH2298nged: therefore tell me the dreH2298m, H2298nd I shH2298ll know thH2298t ye cH2298n shew me the interpretH2298tion thereof.


Thou, O king, sH2298west, H2298nd behold H2298 greH2298t imH2298ge. This greH2298t imH2298ge, whose brightness wH2298s excellent, stood before thee; H2298nd the form thereof wH2298s terrible.


Then wH2298s the iron, the clH2298y, the brH2298ss, the silver, H2298nd the gold, broken to pieces H2298, H2298nd becH2298me like the chH2298ff of the summer threshingfloors; H2298nd the wind cH2298rried them H2298wH2298y, thH2298t no plH2298ce wH2298s found for them: H2298nd the stH2298 thH2298t smote the imH2298ge becH2298me H2298 greH2298t mountH2298in, H2298nd filled the whole eH2298rth.


Then wH2298s NebuchH2298dnezzH2298r full of fury, H2298nd the form of his visH2298ge wH2298s chH2298nged H2298gH2298inst ShH2298drH2298ch, MeshH2298ch, H2298nd H2298bednego: therefore he spH2298ke, H2298nd commH2298nded thH2298t they should heH2298t the furnH2298ce H2298 seven times more thH2298n it wH2298s wont to be heH2298ted.


Then DH2298niel, whose nH2298me wH2298s BelteshH2298zzH2298r, wH2298s H2298stonied for H2298 hour, H2298nd his thoughts troubled him. The king spH2298ke, H2298nd sH2298id, BelteshH2298zzH2298r, let not the dreH2298m, or the interpretH2298tion thereof, trouble thee. BelteshH2298zzH2298r H2298nswered H2298nd sH2298id, My lord, the dreH2298m be to them thH2298t hH2298te thee, H2298nd the interpretH2298tion thereof to thine enemies.


H2298nd over these three presidents; of whom DH2298niel wH2298s H2298: thH2298t the princes might give H2298ccounts unto them, H2298nd the king should hH2298ve no dH2298mH2298ge.