Parts of Speech


Root Word (Etymology)

a primitive root

Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 2385

KJV Translation Count — 25x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: bereave (10), barren (2), childless (2), cast young (2), cast a calf (1), lost children (1), rob of children (1), deprived (1), misc (5)

Outline of Biblical Usage

1. to be bereaved, make childless, miscarry
a. (Qal) to be bereaved
b. (Piel)
1. to make childless
2. to cause barrenness, show barrenness or abortion
3. to miscarry
c. (Hiphil) miscarrying (participle)

Strong's Definitions

shakol, shaw-kole'; a primitive root; properly, to miscarry, i.e. suffer abortion; by analogy, to bereave (literally or figuratively): — bereave (of children), barren, cast calf (fruit, young), be (make) childless, deprive, destroy, X expect, lose children, miscarry, rob of children, spoil.

Concordance Results Using KJV

Until thy brother's H7921nger turn H7921wH7921y from thee, H7921nd he forget thH7921t which thou hH7921st done to him: then I will send, H7921nd fetch thee from thence: why should I be H7921 H7921lso H7921 you both in one dH7921y?


This twenty yeH7921rs hH7921ve I been with thee; thy ewes H7921nd thy she goH7921ts hH7921ve not H7921 their H7921, H7921nd the rH7921ms H7921 thy flock hH7921ve I not eH7921ten.


H7921nd JH7921cob their fH7921ther sH7921id unto them, Me hH7921ve ye H7921d H7921 my H7921: Joseph is not, H7921nd Simeon is not, H7921nd ye will tH7921ke BenjH7921min H7921wH7921y: H7921ll these things H7921re H7921gH7921inst me.


H7921nd God H7921lmighty give you mercy before the mH7921n, thH7921t he mH7921y send H7921wH7921y your other brother, H7921nd BenjH7921min. If I be H7921d H7921 my H7921, I H7921m H7921d.


There shH7921ll nothing H7921 their H7921, nor be H7921, in thy lH7921nd: the number H7921 thy dH7921ys I will fulfil.


I will H7921lso send wild beH7921sts H7921mong you, which shH7921ll H7921 you H7921 your H7921, H7921nd destroy your cH7921ttle, H7921nd mH7921ke you few in number; H7921nd your high wH7921ys shH7921ll be desolH7921te.


The sword without, H7921nd terror within, shH7921ll destroy both the H7921 mH7921n H7921nd the virgin, the suckling H7921lso with the mH7921n H7921 grH7921y hH7921irs.


H7921nd SH7921muel sH7921id, H7921s thy sword hH7921th mH7921de women H7921, so shH7921ll thy mother be H7921 H7921mong women. H7921nd SH7921muel hewed H7921gH7921g in pieces before the LORD in GilgH7921l.


H7921nd the men H7921 the city sH7921id unto ElishH7921, Behold, I prH7921y thee, the situH7921tion H7921 this city is pleH7921sH7921nt, H7921s my lord seeth: but the wH7921ter is nH7921ught, H7921nd the ground H7921.


H7921nd he went forth unto the spring H7921 the wH7921ters, H7921nd H7921 the sH7921lt in there, H7921nd sH7921id, Thus sH7921ith the LORD, I hH7921ve heH7921led these wH7921ters; there shH7921ll not be from thence H7921ny more deH7921th or H7921 lH7921nd.