Thematic Bible

1 Chronicles 28:1 (show verse)

And David will convoke together all the chiefs of Israel, the chiefs of the tribes and the chiefs of the divisions serving the king, and the chiefs of the thousands and the chiefs of the hundreds, and the chiefs of all the possessions and the cattle to the king and to his sons, with the eunuchs, and the strong ones, and to every one strong of power to Jerusalem.

1 Chronicles 28:2 (show verse)

And David the king will rise upon his feet and say, Hear me, my brethren and my people: I with my heart to build a house of rest for the ark of the covenant of Jehovah, and for the footstool of the feet of our God; and I prepared for the building.

1 Chronicles 28:3 (show verse)

And God said to me, Thou shalt not build a house to my name, for thou a man of war, and thou didst pour out bloods.

1 Chronicles 28:4 (show verse)

And Jehovah God of Israel will choose in me from all the house of my father to be for king over Israel forever: for in Judah he chose for leader; and in the house of Judah the house of my father; and in the sons of my father he delighted in me to make a king over ail Israel:

1 Chronicles 28:5 (show verse)

And from all my sons (for Jehovah gave to me many sons) and he will choose in Solomon my son to sit upon the throne of the kingdom of Jehovah over Israel

1 Chronicles 28:6 (show verse)

And he will say to me, Solomon thy son, he shall build my house and my enclosures: for I chose in him to me for son, and I will be to him for father.

1 Chronicles 28:7 (show verse)

And I set up his kingdom even to forever, if he shall be strong to do my commands and my judgments as this day.

1 Chronicles 28:8 (show verse)

And now before the eyes of all Israel, the convocation of Jehovah, and in the ears of our God, watch ye and seek all the commands of Jehovah your God, so that ye shall inherit the good land, and give an inheritance to your sons after you even to forever.

1 Chronicles 28:9 (show verse)

And thou, O Solomon my son, know thou the God of thy father, and serve him with a whole heart and with a willing soul: for Jehovah searched all hearts, and he understands every formation of the thoughts: if thou shalt seek him he will be found to thee, and if thou wilt forsake him, he will cast thee off forever.

1 Chronicles 28:10 (show verse)

See now; for Jehovah chose in thee to build a house for a holy place: be strong and do.

1 Chronicles 28:11 (show verse)

And David will give to Solomon his son a pattern of the porch, and its houses, and its treasuries, and its upper chambers, and its apartments within, and the house of the expiation

1 Chronicles 28:12 (show verse)

And the pattern of all that was in the spirit with him for the enclosures of the house of Jehovah, and for all the cells round about for the treasures of the house of God, and for the treasures of the holies:

1 Chronicles 28:13 (show verse)

And for the divisions of the priests and the Levites, and for all the work of the service of the house of Jehovah, and for all the vessels of the service of the house of Jehovah.

1 Chronicles 28:14 (show verse)

For the gold by weight for the gold, for all the vessels of service; and for all the vessels of silver by weight, for all the vessels of service and service:

1 Chronicles 28:15 (show verse)

And the weight for the candlesticks of gold, and their lamps of gold, by weight of the candlestick and candlestick, and its lamps: and for the candlesticks of silver by weight, for the candlestick and its lamps, according to the service of candlestick and candlestick.

1 Chronicles 28:16 (show verse)

And the gold of the weight for the tables of the arrangement for table and table; and silver for the tables of silver:

1 Chronicles 28:17 (show verse)

And the flesh-hooks, and the vases, and the bowls of pure gold, and for the cups of gold: by weight for cup and cup; and for the cups of silver by weight, for cup and cup.

1 Chronicles 28:18 (show verse)

And for the altar of incense of gold purified by weight; and for the pattern of the chariot of the Cherubim; gold for spreading and covering over the ark of the covenant of Jehovah.

1 Chronicles 28:19 (show verse)

All in writing from the hand of Jehovah upon me, causing to understand all the works of the pattern.

1 Chronicles 28:20 (show verse)

And David will say to Solomon his son, Be strong and be active, and do: thou shalt not fear, and thou shalt not be terrified, for Jehovah God, my God, is with thee; he will not be slack to thee, and he will not forsake thee till the finishing all the works of the service of the house of Jehovah.

1 Chronicles 28:21 (show verse)

And behold, the divisions of the priests and the Levites for all the service of the house of God: and with thee in all the work for every one willing in wisdom for all the service: and the chiefs and all the people for all thy words.