Thematic Bible

Ecclesiastes 8:1 (show verse)

Who is wise? Who hath knowledge to make an answer? Wisdom maketh a man's face to shine, but malice putteth it out of favour.

Ecclesiastes 8:2 (show verse)

Keep the king's commandment, I warn thee, and the oath that thou hast made unto God.

Ecclesiastes 8:3 (show verse)

Be not hasty to go out of his sight, and see thou continue in no evil thing: for whatsoever it pleaseth him, that doeth he.

Ecclesiastes 8:4 (show verse)

Like as when a king giveth a charge, his commandment is mighty: Even so whom may say unto him, "What doest thou?"

Ecclesiastes 8:5 (show verse)

Whoso keepeth the commandment, shall feel no harm: but a wise man's heart discerneth time and manner.

Ecclesiastes 8:6 (show verse)

For everything will have opportunity and judgment, and this the thing that maketh men full of carefulness and sorrow.

Ecclesiastes 8:7 (show verse)

And why? A man knoweth not what is for to come: for who will tell him?

Ecclesiastes 8:8 (show verse)

Neither is there any man that hath power over the spirit, to keep still the spirit, nor to have any power in the time of death: it is not he also that can make an end of the battle, neither may ungodliness deliver him that meddleth withall.

Ecclesiastes 8:9 (show verse)

All these things have I considered, and applied my mind unto every work that is under the Sun: how one man hath lordship upon another to his own harm.
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Ecclesiastes 8:10 (show verse)

For I have oft seen the ungodly brought to their graves, and fallen down from the high and glorious place; insomuch that they were forgotten in the city where they were had in so high and great reputation. This is also a vain thing.

Ecclesiastes 8:11 (show verse)

Because now that evil works are not hastily punished, the heart of man giveth himself over unto wickedness.

Ecclesiastes 8:12 (show verse)

But though an evil person offend a hundredth times, and have a long life: yet am I sure, that it shall go well with them that fear God, because they have him before their eyes.

Ecclesiastes 8:13 (show verse)

Again, as for the ungodly, it shall not be well with him, neither shall he prolong his days: but even as a shadow, so shall he be that feareth not God.

Ecclesiastes 8:14 (show verse)

Yet is there a vanity upon earth: there be just men, unto whom it happeneth, as though they had the works of the ungodly; Again, there be ungodly, with whom it goeth as though they had the works of the righteous. This me think also a vain thing.
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Ecclesiastes 8:15 (show verse)

Therefore I commend gladness, because a man hath no better thing under the Sun, than to eat and to drink, and to be merry: for that shall he have of his labour all the days of his life, which God giveth him under the Sun.

Ecclesiastes 8:16 (show verse)

And so I applied my mind to learn wisdom, and to know the travail that is in the world; and that of such a fashion that I suffered not my eyes to sleep neither day nor night.

Ecclesiastes 8:17 (show verse)

I understood of all the works of God, that it is not possible for a man, to attain unto works that are done under the Sun: and though he bestow his labour to seek them out, yet can he not reach unto them: yea, though a wise man would undertake to know them, yet might he not find them.