Thematic Bible

Exodus 9:1 (show verse)

Then said Yahweh unto Moses, Go in unto Pharaoh, - then shalt thou say unto him - Thus, saith Yahweh, God of the Hebrews, Let my people go, that they may serve me.

Exodus 9:2 (show verse)

But, if, refusing, thou art to let them go, - and still art holding them fast,

Exodus 9:3 (show verse)

lo! the hand of Yahweh, is coming on thy cattle which are in the field, on the horses, on the asses on the camels, on the herds and on the flocks, - a very grievous pestilence;

Exodus 9:4 (show verse)

and Yahweh will make a difference between the cattle of Israel and the cattle of the Egyptians, - so that there shall not die from among all that pertaineth to the sons of Israel, a thing!

Exodus 9:5 (show verse)

And Yahweh appointed a set time - saying, To-morrow, will Yahweh do this thing, in the land.

Exodus 9:6 (show verse)

So Yahweh did this thing, on the morrow, and all the cattle of the Egyptians died, - but of the cattle of the sons of Israel, died not one.

Exodus 9:7 (show verse)

And Pharaoh sent, and lo! there had not died of the cattle of Israel, so much as one. But Pharaoh's heart became dull, and he did not let the people go.

Exodus 9:8 (show verse)

Then said Yahweh unto Moses and unto Aaron, Take you your hands full of the ashes of an oven, - and Moses shall scatter them towards the heavens, before the eyes of Pharaoh:

Exodus 9:9 (show verse)

then shall they become fine dust, over all the land of Egypt, - and shall become on man and on beast, a burning sore, breaking out in pustules in all the land of Egypt.

Exodus 9:10 (show verse)

So they took the ashes of an oven and stood before Pharaoh, and Moses scattered them towards the heavens, - and it came to pass that there was a burning sore in pustules breaking out, among men, and among beasts;

Exodus 9:11 (show verse)

and the sacred scribes could not stand before Moses, because of the burning sore, - for the burning sore had come on the sacred scribes, and on all the Egyptians.

Exodus 9:12 (show verse)

But Yahweh let the heart of Pharaoh wax bold, and he hearkened not unto them, - as spake Yahweh unto Moses.

Exodus 9:13 (show verse)

Then said Yahweh unto Moses, Rise thou early in the morning, and station thyself before Pharaoh, - then shalt thou say unto him - Thus, saith Yahweh, God of the Hebrews, Let my people go that they may serve me;

Exodus 9:14 (show verse)

for this time, am I, sending all my plagues unto thy heart, and amongst thy servants and amongst thy people, - to the intent thou mayest get to know, that there is none like me in all the earth.

Exodus 9:15 (show verse)

For now, might I have put forth my hand, and smitten thee and thy people with pestilence, - and thou shoulder have secretly disappeared from the earth;

Exodus 9:16 (show verse)

but, in very deed for this purpose, have I let thee remain, for the purpose of showing thee my might, - and that my name may be celebrated in all the earth.

Exodus 9:17 (show verse)

Even yet, art thou exalting thyself over my people - in not letting them go?

Exodus 9:18 (show verse)

Behold me! raining down, about this time to-morrow, an exceeding heavy hail, - such as hath not been in Egypt, from the day it was founded, even unto the present time.

Exodus 9:19 (show verse)

Now, therefore, send - bring into safety thy cattle, and all that thou hast in the field, - as touching all men and beasts which shall be found in the field and shall not be withdrawn into shelter, the hail shall come down upon them and they shall die.

Exodus 9:20 (show verse)

He that feared the word of Yahweh, among the servants of Pharaoh, made his servants and his cattle flee, under shelter:

Exodus 9:21 (show verse)

but, whoso applied not his heart unto the word of Yahweh, left his servants and his cattle in the field.

Exodus 9:22 (show verse)

Then said Yahweh unto Moses - Stretch forth thy hand over the heavens, that there may be hail in all the land of Egypt, - on man and on beast, and on every herb of the field in the land of Egypt.

Exodus 9:23 (show verse)

So Moses stretched forth his staff over the heavens, and, Yahweh, gave forth thunderings and hail, and there came fire towards the earth, - and Yahweh rained down hail, on the land of Egypt.

Exodus 9:24 (show verse)

So there came to be hail, and fire catching hold of itself, in the midst of the hall, - exceeding heavy, such as had not been in all the land of Egypt, from the very time it became a nation.

Exodus 9:25 (show verse)

And the hail smote in all the land of Egypt all that was in the field, both man and beast, - and every herb of the field, did the hail smite, and every tree of the field, did it shiver.

Exodus 9:26 (show verse)

Only in the land of Goshen, where were the sons of Israel, was there no hail.

Exodus 9:27 (show verse)

Then sent Pharaoh, and called for Moses and for Aaron, and said unto them - I have sinned this time, - Yahweh, is the righteous one, and, I and my people, are the wrong-doers.

Exodus 9:28 (show verse)

Make ye request unto Yahweh, and it shall be enough without there being any more thunderings of God, and hail, - and I must a let you go, and not again shall ye delay.

Exodus 9:29 (show verse)

And Moses said unto him, As soon as I am gone out of the city, will I spread out my hands unto Yahweh, - the thunderings, shall cease, and, the hail, shall come no more, - that thou mayest know, that to Yahweh, belongeth the earth.

Exodus 9:30 (show verse)

But as touching thee and thy servants, I know that not yet will ye stand in awe of Yahweh Elohim.

Exodus 9:31 (show verse)

Now, the flax and the barley, were smitten, - for the barley, was in the ear, and, the flax, was in flower;

Exodus 9:32 (show verse)

but the wheat and the spelt, were not smitten, - for they were, not ripe.

Exodus 9:33 (show verse)

So Moses went away from Pharaoh out of the city, and spread out his hands unto Yahweh, - then did the thunderings and the hail cease, and, rain, was not poured out on the earth.

Exodus 9:34 (show verse)

And when Pharaoh saw that the rain and the hail and the thunderings had ceased, he again sinned, - and made his heart dull, he, and his servants.

Exodus 9:35 (show verse)

And the heart of Pharaoh waxed bold, and he did not let the sons of Israel go, - as spake Yahweh by the hand of Moses.