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Jeremiah 22:1 (show verse)

Thus said Jehovah, 'Go down to the house of the king of Judah, and thou hast spoken there this word, and hast said,
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Jeremiah 22:2 (show verse)

Hear a word of Jehovah, O king of Judah, who art sitting on the throne of David, thou, and thy servants, and thy people, who are coming in at these gates,

Jeremiah 22:3 (show verse)

Thus said Jehovah: Do ye judgment and righteousness, And deliver the plundered from the hand of the oppressor, And sojourner, orphan, and widow, ye do not oppress nor wrong, And innocent blood ye do not shed in this place.

Jeremiah 22:4 (show verse)

For, if ye certainly do this thing, Then come in by the gates of this house Have kings sitting for David on his throne, Riding on chariot, and on horses, He, and his servants, and his people.

Jeremiah 22:5 (show verse)

And if ye do not hear these words, By myself I have sworn -- an affirmation of Jehovah, That this house is for a desolation.

Jeremiah 22:6 (show verse)

For thus said Jehovah, Concerning the house of the king of Judah: Gilead art thou to Me -- head of Lebanon, If not -- I make thee a wilderness, Cities not inhabited.

Jeremiah 22:7 (show verse)

And I have separated for thee destroyers, Each with his weapons, And they have cut down the choice of thy cedars, And have cast them on the fire.

Jeremiah 22:8 (show verse)

And many nations have passed by this city, And they have said, each to his neighbour, For what hath Jehovah done thus to this great city?

Jeremiah 22:9 (show verse)

And they have said, 'Because that they have forsaken The covenant of Jehovah their God, And bow themselves to other gods, and serve them.'

Jeremiah 22:10 (show verse)

Ye do not weep for the dead, nor bemoan for him, Weep ye sore for the traveller, For he doth not return again, Nor hath he seen the land of his birth.

Jeremiah 22:11 (show verse)

For thus said Jehovah concerning Shallum son of Josiah king of Judah, who is reigning instead of Josiah his father, who hath gone forth from this place: He doth not turn back hither again;

Jeremiah 22:12 (show verse)

For in the place whither they have removed him he dieth, And this land he doth not see again.

Jeremiah 22:13 (show verse)

Woe to him who is building his house by unrighteousness, And his upper chambers by injustice, On his neighbour he layeth service for nought, And his wage he doth not give to him.

Jeremiah 22:14 (show verse)

Who is saying, 'I build for myself a large house, And airy upper chambers,' And he hath cut out for himself its windows, Ceiled with cedar, and painted with vermilion.

Jeremiah 22:15 (show verse)

Dost thou reign, because thou art fretting thyself in cedar? Thy father -- did he not eat and drink? Yea, he did judgment and righteousness, Then it is well with him.

Jeremiah 22:16 (show verse)

He decided the cause of the poor and needy, Then it is well -- is it not to know Me? An affirmation of Jehovah.

Jeremiah 22:17 (show verse)

But thine eyes and thy heart are not, Except on thy dishonest gain, And on shedding of innocent blood, And on oppression, and on doing of violence.

Jeremiah 22:18 (show verse)

Therefore, thus said Jehovah concerning Jehoiakim son of Josiah king of Judah: They do not lament for him, Ah, my brother, and Ah, sister, They do not lament for him, Ah, lord, and Ah, his honour.

Jeremiah 22:19 (show verse)

The burial of an ass -- he is buried, Dragged and cast out thence to the gates of Jerusalem.

Jeremiah 22:20 (show verse)

Go up to Lebanon, and cry, And in Bashan give forth thy voice, And cry from Abarim, For destroyed have been all loving thee.

Jeremiah 22:21 (show verse)

I have spoken unto thee in thine ease, Thou hast said, 'I do not hearken,' This is thy way from thy youth, For thou hast not hearkened to My voice.

Jeremiah 22:22 (show verse)

All thy friends consume doth wind, And thy lovers into captivity do go, Surely then thou art ashamed, And hast blushed for all thy wickedness.

Jeremiah 22:23 (show verse)

O dweller in Lebanon, making a nest among cedars, How gracious hast thou been when pangs come to thee, Pain -- as of a travailing woman.

Jeremiah 22:24 (show verse)

I live -- an affirmation of Jehovah, Though Coniah son of Jehoiakim king of Judah Were a seal on My right hand, Surely thence I draw thee away,

Jeremiah 22:25 (show verse)

And I have given thee into the hand of those seeking thy life, And into hands of which thou art afraid, Into the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon, And into the hand of the Chaldeans.

Jeremiah 22:26 (show verse)

And I have cast thee, And thy mother who bore thee, unto another country, Where ye were not born, and there do ye die.

Jeremiah 22:27 (show verse)

And to the land whither they are lifting up their soul to return, Thither they do not return.

Jeremiah 22:28 (show verse)

A grief -- a despised broken thing -- is this man Coniah? A vessel in which there is no pleasure? Wherefore have they been cast up and down, He and his seed, Yea, they were cast on to a land that they knew not?

Jeremiah 22:29 (show verse)

Earth, earth, earth, hear a word of Jehovah,

Jeremiah 22:30 (show verse)

Thus said Jehovah: Write ye this man childless, A man -- he doth not prosper in his days, For none of his seed doth prosper, Sitting on the throne of David, And ruling again in Judah!