Thematic Bible

Thematic Bible

She will give to thy head a garland of grace: a crown of glory she will deliver thee.

And thou wilt diminish him a little more than the messengers, and thou wilt surround him with glory and honor.

For thou wilt anticipate him with praises of goodness: thou wilt set a crown of pure gold to his head.

And six stone water-buckets were placed there, according to the purification of the Jews, containing each two or three measures.

Remember thy compassions, O Jehovah, and thy mercies; for they are from forever.

My lips shall rejoice when I shall play on the harp to thee, and my soul which thou redeemedst.

Thou didst contend, O Jehovah, the contentions of my soul; thou didst redeem my life.

They shall confess to Jehovah his mercy, and his wonders to the sons of man. For he satisfied the thirsty soul, and the hungering soul he filled with good.

For Jehovah chose in Zion; for he desired it for a dwelling to himself. This my rest even forever: here I will dwell, for I desired it Blessing I will bless her provision: I will fill her needy with bread.

For thou, O Jehovah, my trust; thou didst set the Most High thy refuge. Evil shall not approach to thee, and a blow shall not come near in thy tent For he will command his messengers for thee, to watch thee in all thy ways. read more.
Upon the hands shall they lift thee up, lest thou shalt strike thy foot against a stone. Upon the lion and the asp, shalt thou tread: thou shalt tread down the young lion and the dragon. For he delighted in me and I will deliver him: I will exalt him, for he knew my name. He shall call me and I will answer him: I am with him in straits; I will deliver him and honor him. With length of days will I satisfy him, and I will cause him to look upon my salvation.

To David. Praise Jehovah, O my soul, and all within me, his holy name. Praise Jehovah, O my soul, and thou wilt not forget all his acts. Forgiving to all thine iniquity, healing to all thy diseases. read more.
Redeeming thy life from corruption, crowning thee with mercy and compassions. Satisfying even to thee with good; thy youth shall be renewed as the eagle.