Thematic Bible

Psalm 144:1 (show verse)

Blessed be Yahweh, my rock, the one who trains my hands for battle, my fingers for war--

Psalm 144:2 (show verse)

my loyal love and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, and [one] in whom I take refuge, the one who subdues peoples under me.

Psalm 144:3 (show verse)

O Yahweh, what [is] humankind that you take knowledge of him, [or the] son of man that you take thought of him?

Psalm 144:4 (show verse)

Humankind is like a breath, his days like a passing shadow.

Psalm 144:5 (show verse)

O Yahweh, bow the heavens and come down; touch the mountains so that they smoke.

Psalm 144:6 (show verse)

Flash forth lightning and scatter them; dispatch your arrows and rout them.

Psalm 144:7 (show verse)

Stretch out your hands from on high; Rescue me and deliver me from many waters, from [the] hand of foreigners,

Psalm 144:8 (show verse)

whose mouth speaks falsely, and their right hand [is] a false right hand.

Psalm 144:9 (show verse)

O God, I will sing a new song to you. With a lyre of ten [strings] I will sing praise to you,

Psalm 144:10 (show verse)

who gives victory to kings, who rescues David his servant from [the] evil sword.

Psalm 144:11 (show verse)

Rescue me and deliver me from [the] hand of foreigners, whose mouth speaks falsely, and whose right hand [is] a false right hand,

Psalm 144:12 (show verse)

that our sons [may be] like plants, full grown in their youth, our daughters like corner pillars, carved in the style of a palace,

Psalm 144:13 (show verse)

[that] our granaries [may be] full, providing [produce] of all kinds, [that] our sheep [may] produce by the thousands, by the tens of thousands in our open fields,

Psalm 144:14 (show verse)

[that] our cattle [may be] pregnant; [that there be] no breach [in our walls], and no going out [in exile], and no outcry in our plazas.

Psalm 144:15 (show verse)

Blessed [are] the people who have [it] thus. Blessed [are] the people whose God [is] Yahweh.