Thematic Bible

Psalm 145:1 (show verse)

I will extol thee, my God, O King, and will bless thy Name, to times age-abiding and beyond:

Psalm 145:2 (show verse)

Psalm 145:3 (show verse)

Great is Yahweh - and worthy to be heartily praised, And, his greatness, is unsearchable.

Psalm 145:4 (show verse)

Generation unto generation, shall celebrate thy works, and, thy mighty deeds, shall they tell:
No Themes for this verse.

Psalm 145:5 (show verse)

The splendour of the glory of thy majesty, shall they speak, and, thy wonders, will I utter.

Psalm 145:6 (show verse)

And, the might of thy terrible acts, shall men speak, and, as for thy greatness, I will recount it.
No Themes for this verse.

Psalm 145:7 (show verse)

The memory of thy great goodness, shall men pour forth, and, thy righteousness, shall they shout aloud.

Psalm 145:8 (show verse)

Gracious and compassionate, is Yahweh, - slow to anger, and of great lovingkindness.

Psalm 145:9 (show verse)

Good is Yahweh to all, and, his tender compassions, are over all his works.

Psalm 145:10 (show verse)

All thy works, O Yahweh, will give thanks unto thee, - and, thy men of lovingkindness, will bless thee:

Psalm 145:11 (show verse)

The glory of thy kingdom, will they tell, - and, thy power, will they speak.

Psalm 145:12 (show verse)

To make known to the sons of men, his mighty deeds, and the splendid glory of his kingdom.

Psalm 145:13 (show verse)

Thy kingdom, is a kingdom of all ages, - and, thy dominion, is over generation after generation.

Psalm 145:14 (show verse)

Yahweh is ready to uphold all who are falling, and to raise all who are laid prostrate.

Psalm 145:15 (show verse)

The eyes of all, for thee, do wait, and, thou, givest them their food in its season.

Psalm 145:16 (show verse)

Thou, openest thy hand, and fillest every living thing with gladness.

Psalm 145:17 (show verse)

Righteous is Yahweh in all his ways, and kind in all his works.

Psalm 145:18 (show verse)

Near is Yahweh to all who call upon him, - to all them who call upon him in faithfulness.

Psalm 145:19 (show verse)

The desire of them who revere him, will he fulfil, and, their cry, will he hear, and will save them.

Psalm 145:20 (show verse)

Yahweh preserveth all who love him, but, all the lawless, will he destroy.

Psalm 145:21 (show verse)

The praise of Yahweh, my mouth shall speak, That all flesh may bless his holy Name, Unto times age-abiding and beyond.