Thematic Bible

Psalm 25:1 (show verse)

To David. To thee, O Jehovah, I will lift up my soul.

Psalm 25:2 (show verse)

My God, in thee I trusted, I shall not be ashamed: mine enemies shall not exult over me.

Psalm 25:3 (show verse)

Also all awaiting thee shall not be ashamed: they transgressing emptily shall be ashamed.

Psalm 25:4 (show verse)

O Jehovah, cause me to know thy ways; teach me thy paths.
No Themes for this verse.

Psalm 25:5 (show verse)

Cause me to tread in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art God saving me; on thee I waited all the day.

Psalm 25:6 (show verse)

Remember thy compassions, O Jehovah, and thy mercies; for they are from forever.

Psalm 25:7 (show verse)

The sins of my youth and my transgressions thou wilt not remember: according to thy mercy remember thou for me for sake of thy goodness, O Jehovah.

Psalm 25:8 (show verse)

Good and upright is Jehovah: for this he will teach the sinning in the way.

Psalm 25:9 (show verse)

He will cause the humble to trend in judgment, and he will teach the humble the way.

Psalm 25:10 (show verse)

All the paths of Jehovah are mercy and truth to those watching his covenant and his testimonies.

Psalm 25:11 (show verse)

For sake of thy name, O Jehovah, and thou forgavest to mine iniquity; for it was much.

Psalm 25:12 (show verse)

Who this man fearing Jehovah? he will teach him in the way he shall choose.

Psalm 25:13 (show verse)

His soul shall lodge in good, and his seed shall inherit the earth.

Psalm 25:14 (show verse)

The secret of Jehovah to them fearing him; and his covenant he will cause them to know.

Psalm 25:15 (show verse)

Mine eyes are always to Jehovah, for he will bring forth my feet from the net

Psalm 25:16 (show verse)

Turn to me and pity me, for I alone and afflicted.
No Themes for this verse.

Psalm 25:17 (show verse)

The straits of my heart were enlarged: bring me out from my distresses.

Psalm 25:18 (show verse)

See mine affliction and my labor, and let go to all my sins.
No Themes for this verse.

Psalm 25:19 (show verse)

See mine enemies, for they were many, and they hated me with the hatred of violence.

Psalm 25:20 (show verse)

Watch my soul and deliver me: I shall not be ashamed, for I put my trust in thee.

Psalm 25:21 (show verse)

Integrity and uprightness shall watch me; for I waited for thee.

Psalm 25:22 (show verse)

Redeem Israel, O God, from all his straits.