Thematic Bible

Psalm 40:1 (show verse)

To the Overseer. -- A Psalm of David. I have diligently expected Jehovah, And He inclineth to me, and heareth my cry,

Psalm 40:2 (show verse)

And He doth cause me to come up From a pit of desolation -- from mire of mud, And He raiseth up on a rock my feet, He is establishing my steps.

Psalm 40:3 (show verse)

And He putteth in my mouth a new song, 'Praise to our God.' Many do see and fear, and trust in Jehovah.

Psalm 40:4 (show verse)

O the happiness of the man Who hath made Jehovah his trust, And hath not turned unto the proud, And those turning aside to lies.

Psalm 40:5 (show verse)

Much hast Thou done, Jehovah my God; Thy wonders and Thy thoughts toward us, There is none to arrange unto Thee, I declare and speak: They have been more than to be numbered.

Psalm 40:6 (show verse)

Sacrifice and present Thou hast not desired, Ears Thou hast prepared for me, Burnt and sin-offering Thou hast not asked.

Psalm 40:7 (show verse)

Then said I, 'Lo, I have come,' In the roll of the book it is written of me,

Psalm 40:8 (show verse)

To do Thy pleasure, my God, I have delighted, And Thy law is within my heart.

Psalm 40:9 (show verse)

I have proclaimed tidings of righteousness In the great assembly, lo, my lips I restrain not, O Jehovah, Thou hast known.

Psalm 40:10 (show verse)

Thy righteousness I have not concealed In the midst of my heart, Thy faithfulness and Thy salvation I have told, I have not hidden Thy kindness and Thy truth, To the great assembly.

Psalm 40:11 (show verse)

Thou, O Jehovah, restrainest not Thy mercies from me, Thy kindness and Thy truth do continually keep me.

Psalm 40:12 (show verse)

For compassed me have evils innumerable, Overtaken me have mine iniquities, And I have not been able to see; They have been more than the hairs of my head, And my heart hath forsaken me.

Psalm 40:13 (show verse)

Be pleased, O Jehovah, to deliver me, O Jehovah, for my help make haste.
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Psalm 40:14 (show verse)

They are ashamed and confounded together, Who are seeking my soul to destroy it, They are turned backward, And are ashamed, who are desiring my evil.
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Psalm 40:15 (show verse)

They are desolate because of their shame, Who are saying to me, 'Aha, aha.'

Psalm 40:16 (show verse)

All seeking Thee rejoice and are glad in Thee, Those loving Thy salvation say continually, 'Jehovah is magnified.'

Psalm 40:17 (show verse)

And I am poor and needy, The Lord doth devise for me. My help and my deliverer art Thou, O my God, tarry Thou not.