Thematic Bible

Psalm 48:1 (show verse)

A Song, a Psalm, by sons of Korah. Great is Jehovah, and praised greatly, In the city of our God -- His holy hill.

Psalm 48:2 (show verse)

Beautiful for elevation, A joy of all the land, is Mount Zion, The sides of the north, the city of a great king.

Psalm 48:3 (show verse)

God in her high places is known for a tower.

Psalm 48:4 (show verse)

For, lo, the kings met, they passed by together,

Psalm 48:5 (show verse)

They have seen -- so they have marvelled, They have been troubled, they were hastened away.

Psalm 48:6 (show verse)

Trembling hath seized them there, Pain, as of a travailing woman.

Psalm 48:7 (show verse)

By an east wind Thou shiverest ships of Tarshish.

Psalm 48:8 (show verse)

As we have heard, so we have seen, In the city of Jehovah of hosts, In the city of our God, God doth establish her -- to the age. Selah.

Psalm 48:9 (show verse)

We have thought, O God, of Thy kindness, In the midst of Thy temple,

Psalm 48:10 (show verse)

As is Thy name, O God, so is Thy praise, Over the ends of the earth, Righteousness hath filled Thy right hand.

Psalm 48:11 (show verse)

Rejoice doth Mount Zion, The daughters of Judah are joyful, For the sake of Thy judgments.

Psalm 48:12 (show verse)

Compass Zion, and go round her, count her towers,

Psalm 48:13 (show verse)

Set your heart to her bulwark, Consider her high places, So that ye recount to a later generation,

Psalm 48:14 (show verse)

That this God is our God -- To the age and for ever, He -- he doth lead us over death!