Thematic Bible

Psalm 85:1 (show verse)

To the overseer: to the sons of Korah a chanting. O Jehovah, thou didst delight in thy land: thou didst turn back the captivity of Jacob.

Psalm 85:2 (show verse)

Thou didst lift up the iniquity of thy people, thou didst cover all their sin. Silence.

Psalm 85:3 (show verse)

Thou didst take away all thy wrath: thou didst turn back the burning of thine anger.

Psalm 85:4 (show verse)

Turn us back, O God of our salvation, and annul thine anger with us.

Psalm 85:5 (show verse)

Wilt thou be angry with us forever? wilt thou draw out thine anger to generation and generation?

Psalm 85:6 (show verse)

Wilt thou not turn back? wilt thou give us life? and thy people shall rejoice in thee.

Psalm 85:7 (show verse)

Cause us, O Jehovah, to see thy mercy, and thou wilt give to us thy salvation.

Psalm 85:8 (show verse)

I will hear what God Jehovah shall speak: for he will speak peace to his people, and to his godly ones: and they shall not turn back to folly.

Psalm 85:9 (show verse)

Surely his salvation is near to those fearing him, for glory to dwell in his land.
No Themes for this verse.

Psalm 85:10 (show verse)

Mercy and truth met together; justice and peace kissed.

Psalm 85:11 (show verse)

Truth will spring up from the earth, and justice looked forth from the heavens.
No Themes for this verse.

Psalm 85:12 (show verse)

Also Jehovah will give good, and our land shall give her produce.

Psalm 85:13 (show verse)

Justice shall go before him, and shall set to the way of his steps.
No Themes for this verse.