Archers, Men

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Genesis 21:20

And God was with the boy, and he grew and lived in the wilderness. And he became {an expert with a bow}.

Genesis 27:3

So now, take your weapons, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt food for me.

Genesis 25:27

And the boys grew up. And Esau [was] a skilled hunter, a man of the field, but Jacob [was] a peaceful man, living [in] tents.

1 Samuel 20:18-23

Then Jonathan said to him, "Tomorrow [is] the new moon, and you will be missed, for your seat will stay empty. On the third day you must go down quickly and go to the place where you hid yourself {on the day all this started} and remain beside the stone Ezel. I will shoot three arrows [to the] side as [if] I were shooting at a more.
{Then} I will send [word to] my servant, 'Go, find the arrows!' If I clearly say to the boy, 'Look, the arrows [are] {on this side of you}; {bring} it,' then come, for [it means] peace for you. And there is no problem, {as Yahweh lives}. But if I say this to the young man, 'Look, the arrows [are] {beyond you},' go, for Yahweh has sent you away. And [as for] the matter about which you and I spoke, look, Yahweh [is] between you and me forever."

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Archers, Men Shot By

1 Samuel 31:3

{Saul was in the thick of the battle}, and {the archers} spotted him, and he [was] badly wounded by the archers.

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1 Samuel 20:35-38

{And then} in the morning Jonathan went out to the field for the appointment with David, and a young boy [was] with him. He said to his servant, "Run, please find the arrows that I am shooting!" The boy ran, and he shot the arrow to pass [over] him. When the boy came up to the place of the arrow that Jonathan had shot, Jonathan called out after the boy and said, "[Is] not the arrow {beyond you}?"read more.
Then Jonathan called out after the boy, "Quick, hurry, do not linger!" And Jonathan's servant collected the arrows and came to his master.

2 Samuel 1:22

From the blood of [the] slain, from the fat of [the] mighty, the bow of Jonathan did not turn back, and the sword of Saul did not return {without effect}.

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