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13 Bible Verses about Aspects Of People Made Known

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 139:15

My body was not hid from thee, even though I was made in secret and brought together in the lowest parts of the earth.

Psalm 38:9

Lord, all my desire is before thee, and my groaning is not hid from thee.

Esther 8:1

On that same day King Ahasuerus gave the house of Haman, the Jews' enemy, unto Esther, the queen. And Mordecai came before the king, for Esther had told what he was unto her.

Proverbs 12:23

The sane man conceals his wisdom: but the heart of fools proclaims foolishness.

Ezekiel 16:25

Thou hast built thy altar at every head of every way and hast made thy beauty abominable and hast opened thy thighs to every one that passed by and multiplied thy whoredoms.

Ezekiel 28:17

Thine heart lifted thee up because of thy beauty; thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness; I will cast thee to the earth; I will expose thee before the kings, that they may behold thee.

2 Timothy 3:9

But they shall not prevail, for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as that of those also was.

Ecclesiastes 10:3

Even when the fool walks by the way, he lacks prudence, and he says unto every one that he is a fool.

Proverbs 14:33

Wisdom shall rest in the heart of him that is sane and is made known in the midst of the fools.

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