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11 Bible Verses about Closing Up

Most Relevant Verses

2 Chronicles 7:13

If I shut up the heavens that there be no rain or if I command the locusts to devour the land or if I send pestilence among my people;

2 Chronicles 6:26

If the heavens should become shut up, that there be no rain because they have sinned against thee; yet if they pray in this place and confess thy name and become converted from their sins when thou dost afflict them,

Daniel 12:9

And he said, Go thy way, Daniel, for these words are closed up and sealed until the time of the fulfillment.

Isaiah 66:9

I, who make births to happen, shall I not be with child? saith the LORD; I, who causes conception, shall I be stopped? saith thy God.

Numbers 15:29

Ye shall have the same law for the one that sins through ignorance, both for the natural born among the sons of Israel and for the stranger that sojourns among them.

Numbers 15:13

All that are natural born shall do these things after this manner, to offer an offering on fire, of an acceptable savour unto the LORD.

Luke 22:58

And after a little while another saw him and said, Thou art also of them. And Peter said, Man, I am not.

Mark 14:69

And the maid seeing him again began to say to those that stood by, This is one of them.

Acts 1:17

For he was numbered with us, and had obtained a lot or inheritance of this ministry.

Mark 14:70

But he denied it again. And a little after, those that stood by said again to Peter, Surely thou art one of them, for thou art a Galilaean, and thy speech agrees unto it.

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