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26 Bible Verses about Desire For Death

Most Relevant Verses

Job 3:11

Why was I not stillborn;
why didn’t I die as I came from the womb?

Job 10:18

“Why did You bring me out of the womb?
I should have died and never been seen.

Jeremiah 20:14-18

May the day I was born
be cursed.
May the day my mother bore me
never be blessed. May the man be cursed
who brought the news to my father, saying,
“A male child is born to you,”
bringing him great joy. Let that man be like the cities
the Lord demolished without compassion.
Let him hear an outcry in the morning
and a war cry at noontimeread more.
because he didn’t kill me in the womb
so that my mother might have been my grave,
her womb eternally pregnant. Why did I come out of the womb
to see only struggle and sorrow,
to end my life in shame?

2 Samuel 1:9

Then he begged me, ‘Stand over me and kill me, for I’m mortally wounded, but my life still lingers.’

Job 6:8

If only my request would be granted
and God would provide what I hope for:

Job 6:9

that He would decide to crush me,
to unleash His power and cut me off!

Job 14:13

If only You would hide me in Sheol
and conceal me until Your anger passes.
If only You would appoint a time for me
and then remember me.

1 Kings 19:4

but he went on a day’s journey into the wilderness. He sat down under a broom tree and prayed that he might die. He said, “I have had enough! Lord, take my life, for I’m no better than my fathers.”

Jonah 4:8

As the sun was rising, God appointed a scorching east wind. The sun beat down so much on Jonah’s head that he almost fainted, and he wanted to die. He said, “It’s better for me to die than to live.”

Luke 23:30

Then they will begin to say to the mountains, ‘Fall on us!’ and to the hills, ‘Cover us!’

Jeremiah 8:3

Death will be chosen over life by all the survivors of this evil family, those who remain wherever I have banished them.” This is the declaration of the Lord of Hosts.

Job 3:21

who wait for death, but it does not come,
and search for it more than for hidden treasure,

Ecclesiastes 4:2

So I admired the dead, who have already died, more than the living, who are still alive.

Exodus 16:3

The Israelites said to them, “If only we had died by the Lord’s hand in the land of Egypt, when we sat by pots of meat and ate all the bread we wanted. Instead, you brought us into this wilderness to make this whole assembly die of hunger!”

Numbers 14:2

All the Israelites complained about Moses and Aaron, and the whole community told them, “If only we had died in the land of Egypt, or if only we had died in this wilderness!

Numbers 20:3

The people quarreled with Moses and said, “If only we had perished when our brothers perished before the Lord.

2 Samuel 18:33

The king was deeply moved and went up to the gate chamber and wept. As he walked, he cried, “My son Absalom! My son, my son Absalom! If only I had died instead of you, Absalom, my son, my son!”

Job 3:22

who are filled with much joy
and are glad when they reach the grave?

Hosea 10:8

The high places of Aven, the sin of Israel,
will be destroyed;
thorns and thistles will grow over their altars.
They will say to the mountains, “Cover us!”
and to the hills, “Fall on us!”

Amos 9:2

If they dig down to Sheol,
from there My hand will take them;
if they climb up to heaven,
from there I will bring them down.

Psalm 41:5

My enemies speak maliciously about me:
“When will he die and be forgotten?”

Psalm 71:10

For my enemies talk about me,
and those who spy on me plot together,

2 Samuel 19:6

You love your enemies and hate those who love you! Today you have made it clear that the commanders and soldiers mean nothing to you. In fact, today I know that if Absalom were alive and all of us were dead, it would be fine with you!

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