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11 Bible Verses about Dimensions Of Pillars

Most Relevant Verses

1 Kings 7:15

He cast two hollow bronze pillars: each 27 feet high and 18 feet in circumference.

2 Kings 25:17

One pillar was 27 feet tall and had a bronze capital on top of it. The capital, encircled by a grating and pomegranates of bronze, stood five feet high. The second pillar was the same, with its own grating.

Jeremiah 52:21

One pillar was 27 feet tall, had a circumference of 18 feet, was hollow—four fingers thick—

1 Kings 7:16

He also made two capitals of cast bronze to set on top of the pillars; 7½ feet was the height of the first capital, and 7½ feet was also the height of the second capital.

Jeremiah 52:22

and had a bronze capital on top of it. One capital, encircled by bronze latticework and pomegranates, stood 7½ feet high. The second pillar was the same, with pomegranates.

1 Kings 7:19

And the capitals on top of the pillars in the portico were shaped like lilies, six feet high.

Ezekiel 41:3

He went inside the next room and measured the pilasters at the entrance; they were 3½ feet wide. The entrance was 10½ feet wide, and the width of the entrance’s side walls on each side was 12¼ feet.

Ezekiel 40:9

it was 14 feet, and its pilasters were 3½ feet. The portico of the gate was on the temple side.

Ezekiel 40:48

Then he brought me to the portico of the temple and measured the pilasters of the portico; they were 8¾ feet thick on each side. The width of the gateway was 24½ feet, and the side walls of the gate were 5¼ feet wide on each side.

Ezekiel 40:14

Next, he measured the pilasters—105 feet. The gate extended around to the pilaster of the court.

Ezekiel 41:1

Next he brought me into the great hall and measured the pilasters; on each side the width of the pilaster was 10½ feet.

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