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7 Bible Verses about Dimness Of Vision

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 13:3

Look at me! Answer me, LORD, my God! Give light to my eyes! Otherwise, I will sleep in death;

Psalm 119:18

Open my eyes so that I will observe amazing things from your instruction.

Genesis 27:1

Eventually, Isaac grew so old that he could not see. One day, he called his eldest son Esau. "My son," he called out to him.

Genesis 48:10

Now Israel's eyesight had become poor from age. Because he couldn't see well, Joseph brought them close to him, and Israel kissed them both and embraced them.

1 Samuel 3:2

At that time Eli, whose vision was growing dim, was lying down in his bedroom.

1 Samuel 4:15

Now Eli was 98 years old, and his vision had failed.

Ecclesiastes 12:3

when that day comes, the palace guards will tremble, strong men will stoop down, women grinders will cease because they are few, and the sight of those who peer through the lattice will grow dim.

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