6 Bible Verses about Divine Protection, Examples Of

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 35:5

And they will remove; and the terror of God will be upon the cities which are surrounding them; and they pursued not after the sons of Jacob.

Exodus 14:20

And it will come between the camp of Egypt and between the camp of Israel; and it will be the cloud, and the darkness, and it will make the night light: and this drew not near to this all the night

2 Kings 6:17

And Elisha will pray, and say, Jehovah open now his eyes, and he shall see. And Jehovah will open the boy's eyes, and he will see: and behold, the mountain full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.

Ezra 8:31

And we removed from the river Ahava in the twelfth to the first month, to go to Jerusalem: and the band of our God was upon us and he will deliver us from the hand of the enemy, and of him lying in wait upon the way.

Revelation 7:3

Saying, Injure not the earth, neither the sea, neither the trees, until we should seal the servants of God upon their foreheads.

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