41 Bible Verses about Evildoers

Most Relevant Verses

1 Peter 4:15

For let not any of you suffer as a murderer, or thief, or doing evil, or as an inspector, in what pertains to others.

Romans 13:1-4

Let every soul be placed under the protecting powers. For there is no power except from God: and the powers being, were ordered by God. So he opposing the power, has resisted the arrangement of God: and they having resisted shall receive to themselves judgment. For rulers are not the terror of good works, but of evil. And wilt thou not fear the power do good, and thou shalt have approbation of it:read more.
For he is servant of God to thee for good. And if thou do evil, be afraid; for he bears not the sword without order: for he is servant of God, avenging for anger to him doing evil.

Psalm 37:1

To David. Thou shalt not be angry at those doing evil, and thou shalt not envy those working iniquity.

Psalm 101:8

For the mornings I will destroy all the unjust of the land; to cut off from the city of Jehovah all doing iniquity.

Proverbs 17:4

He doing evil attends upon, lips of vanity; he lying feeds upon a tongue of mischief

1 Samuel 24:13

As the ancient parable will say, Injustice will go forth from the unjust; and my hand shall not be upon thee.

2 Samuel 3:39

And I this day tender, and being anointed king; and these men sons of Zeruiah, hard for me. Jehovah will recompense to him doing evil according to his evil.

Job 8:20

Behold, God will not reject the blameless one, and he will not take hold upon the hand of those doing evil:

Job 34:8

Going for company with those working iniquity, and to go with men of injustice?

Psalm 14:4

Did not the workers of vanity know? eating my people they ate bread; they called not Jehovah.

Psalm 26:5

I hated the convocation of those being evil, and with the unjust I will not sit

Psalm 36:12

There they working vanity fell: they were thrust down, and they shall not be able to rise.

Psalm 53:4

Did not those transgressing know any thing? eating up my people, they ate bread: they called not upon God.

Psalm 59:2

Deliver me from those working vanity, and save me from men of bloods.

Psalm 92:7

In the putting forth of the unjust as grass, and all working iniquity shall flourish; to destroy them even to forever:

Psalm 94:4

They will utter, they will speak impudently; all they working iniquity will boast themselves.

Psalm 125:5

And those turning to their winding ways, Jehovah will cause them to go with those working iniquity: peace upon Israel.

Psalm 141:4

Thou wilt not incline my heart to an evil word, to work works in injustice with men doing iniquity: and I will not eat upon their dainties.

Isaiah 1:4

Wo! sinful nation, a people heavy with sin, a seed doing evil, sons acting wickedly; they forsook Jehovah; they despised the holy one of Israel; they separated themselves backward.

Isaiah 31:2

And he also being wise and he will bring evil, and he removed not his words: and he rose up against the house of those doing evil, and against the help of those working vanity.

Jeremiah 23:14

And in the prophets of Jerusalem I saw a horrible thing, committing adultery and going in falsehood: and they strengthened the hands of those doing evil, they turned not back a man from his evil: they were to me all of them as Sodom, and those dwelling in her as Gomorrah.

Hosea 10:9

From the days of the hill thou didst sin, O Israel: there they stood: the battle in the hill against the sons of iniquity shall not overtake them.

Malachi 4:1

For behold, the day coming, burning as a furnace; and all the proud and all doing injustice were straw: and the day coming burnt them, said Jehovah of armies, that it shall not leave to them root and branch.

Luke 13:27

And he will say, I say to you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workmen of iniquity.

Luke 18:11

The Pharisee having stood, prayed these to himself, O God, I return thee thanks that I am not as the rest of men, rapacious, unjust, adulterers, or also as this publican.

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