Far From One

Most Relevant Verses

Proverbs 5:8

Keep your way far from her.
Don’t go near the door of her house.

Exodus 23:7

Stay far away from a false accusation. Do not kill the innocent and the just, because I will not justify the guilty.

Exodus 33:7

Now Moses took a tent and set it up outside the camp, far away from the camp; he called it the tent of meeting. Anyone who wanted to consult the Lord would go to the tent of meeting that was outside the camp.

Psalm 91:7

Though a thousand fall at your side
and ten thousand at your right hand,
the pestilence will not reach you.

Isaiah 59:9

Therefore justice is far from us,
and righteousness does not reach us.
We hope for light, but there is darkness;
for brightness, but we live in the night.

Isaiah 59:11

We all growl like bears
and moan like doves.
We hope for justice, but there is none;
for salvation, but it is far from us.

Isaiah 59:14

Justice is turned back,
and righteousness stands far off.
For truth has stumbled in the public square,
and honesty cannot enter.

Luke 14:32

If not, while the other is still far off, he sends a delegation and asks for terms of peace.

Deuteronomy 30:11

“This command that I give you today is certainly not too difficult or beyond your reach.

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