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11 Bible Verses about Feet Secure

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 18:33

who makes my feet swift as the deer; who makes me stand on high places;

Proverbs 3:23

Then you will travel safely on your way, and your foot will not stumble.

2 Samuel 22:37

You've made room beneath me for my footsteps, and my feet didn't slip.

1 Samuel 2:9

He guards the steps of his faithful ones, while the wicked are made silent in darkness. He grants the request of the one who prays. He blesses the year of the righteous. Indeed it's not by strength that a person prevails.

Habakkuk 3:19

The LORD God is my strength he will make my feet like those of a deer, equipping me to tread on my mountain heights. For the choir director: On my stringed instruments.

Hebrews 12:13

and straighten the paths of your life, so that your lameness may not become worse, but instead may be healed.

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