God Defending

Most Relevant Verses

Proverbs 22:23

for the LORD will plead their case and ruin the lives of those who ruin them.

Proverbs 23:11

for strong is their Redeemer who will take up their case against you.

Jeremiah 51:36

Therefore this is what the LORD says: "Look, I'm going to argue your case and take vengeance for you. I'll dry up her sea and make her fountain dry.

Jeremiah 50:34

Their Redeemer is strong, the LORD of the Heavenly Armies is his name. He will vigorously plead their case in order to bring rest to the earth, but turmoil to the inhabitants of Babylon.

Micah 7:9

I will endure the LORD's anger since I have sinned against him until he takes over my defense, administers justice on my behalf, and brings me out to the light, where I will gaze on his righteousness.

Isaiah 37:35

"because I will defend this city and deliver it, for my own sake and for the sake of my servant David!'"

Isaiah 38:6

I'll save you and this city from the king of Assyria, and I'll defend this city, for my own sake and for my servant David's sake.

Zechariah 9:15

The LORD of the Heavenly Armies will defend them; they will devour and conquer those who sling stones. They will drink and be boisterous like those who are drunk. They will be filled to the brim with blood, like the corners of the altar.

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