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13 Bible Verses about Horns Victorious

Most Relevant Verses

Numbers 23:22

God brought them out of Egypt;
He is like the horns of a wild ox for them.

Numbers 24:8

God brought him out of Egypt;
He is like the horns of a wild ox for them.
He will feed on enemy nations
and gnaw their bones;
he will strike them with his arrows.

Deuteronomy 33:17

His firstborn bull has splendor,
and horns like those of a wild ox;
he gores all the peoples with them
to the ends of the earth.
Such are the ten thousands of Ephraim,
and such are the thousands of Manasseh.

Psalm 92:10

You have lifted up my horn
like that of a wild ox;
I have been anointed with oil.

Psalm 148:14

He has raised up a horn for His people,
resulting in praise to all His godly ones,
to the Israelites, the people close to Him.

Psalm 89:24

My faithfulness and love will be with him,
and through My name
his horn will be exalted.

Psalm 89:17

For You are their magnificent strength;
by Your favor our horn is exalted.

Psalm 75:10

“I will cut off all the horns of the wicked,
but the horns of the righteous will be lifted up.”

Psalm 132:17

There I will make a horn grow for David;
I have prepared a lamp for My anointed one.

1 Kings 22:11

Then Zedekiah son of Chenaanah made iron horns and said, “This is what the Lord says: ‘You will gore the Arameans with these until they are finished off.’”

Amos 6:13

you who rejoice over Lo-debar
and say, “Didn’t we capture Karnaim
for ourselves by our own strength?”

Lamentations 2:17

?AyinThe Lord has done what He planned;
He has accomplished His decree,
which He ordained in days of old.
He has demolished without compassion,
letting the enemy gloat over you
and exalting the horn of your adversaries.

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