Ignorant Of Facts

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 35:11

Malicious witnesses come forward;
they question me about things I do not know.

Isaiah 48:6

You have heard it. Observe it all.
Will you not acknowledge it?
From now on I will announce new things to you,
hidden things that you have not known.

Jonah 4:11

Should I not care about the great city of Nineveh, which has more than 120,000 people who cannot distinguish between their right and their left, as well as many animals?”

Zechariah 4:5

“Don’t you know what they are?” replied the angel who was speaking with me.I said, “No, my lord.”

Zechariah 4:13

Then he inquired of me, “Don’t you know what these are?”“No, my lord,” I replied.

Luke 9:33

As the two men were departing from Him, Peter said to Jesus, “Master, it’s good for us to be here! Let us make three tabernacles: one for You, one for Moses, and one for Elijah”—not knowing what he said.

John 4:32

But He said, “I have food to eat that you don’t know about.”

1 Corinthians 14:7

Even inanimate things that produce sounds—whether flute or harp—if they don’t make a distinction in the notes, how will what is played on the flute or harp be recognized?

1 Corinthians 14:9

In the same way, unless you use your tongue for intelligible speech, how will what is spoken be known? For you will be speaking into the air.

2 Corinthians 12:3

I know that this man—whether in the body or out of the body I don’t know, God knows—

Exodus 34:29

As Moses descended from Mount Sinai—with the two tablets of the testimony in his hands as he descended the mountain—he did not realize that the skin of his face shone as a result of his speaking with the Lord.

Hosea 7:9

Foreigners consume his strength,
but he does not notice.
Even his hair is streaked with gray,
but he does not notice.

Numbers 5:13

and sleeps with another, but it is concealed from her husband, and she is undetected, even though she has defiled herself, since there is no witness against her, and she wasn’t caught in the act;

Genesis 42:23

They did not realize that Joseph understood them, since there was an interpreter between them.

1 Samuel 20:39

He did not know anything; only Jonathan and David knew the arrangement.

1 Samuel 22:15

Was today the first time I inquired of God for him? Of course not! Please don’t let the king make an accusation against your servant or any of my father’s household, for your servant didn’t have any idea about all this.”

2 Samuel 3:26

Then Joab left David and sent messengers after Abner. They brought him back from the well of Sirah, but David was unaware of it.

2 Samuel 15:11

Two hundred men from Jerusalem went with Absalom. They had been invited and were going innocently, for they knew nothing about the whole matter.

2 Samuel 17:19

Then his wife took the cover, placed it over the mouth of the well, and scattered grain on it so nobody would know anything.

1 Kings 1:11

Then Nathan said to Bathsheba, Solomon’s mother, “Have you not heard that Adonijah son of Haggith has become king and our lord David does not know it?

1 Kings 1:18

Now look, Adonijah has become king. And, my lord the king, you didn’t know it.

1 Kings 2:32

The Lord will bring back his own blood on his head because he struck down two men more righteous and better than he, without my father David’s knowledge. With his sword, Joab murdered Abner son of Ner, commander of Israel’s army, and Amasa son of Jether, commander of Judah’s army.

Ezekiel 17:12

“Now say to that rebellious house: Don’t you know what these things mean? Tell them: The king of Babylon came to Jerusalem, took its king and officials, and brought them back with him to Babylon.

Exodus 10:26

Even our livestock must go with us; not a hoof will be left behind because we will take some of them to worship Yahweh our God. We will not know what we will use to worship Yahweh until we get there.”

Numbers 22:34

Balaam said to the Angel of the Lord, “I have sinned, for I did not know that You were standing in the path to confront me. And now, if it is evil in Your sight, I will go back.”

Job 28:13

No man can know its value,
since it cannot be found in the land of the living.

John 7:49

But this crowd, which doesn’t know the law, is accursed!”

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