Morning Worship

Most Relevant Verses

Exodus 29:39

One lamb is to be offered in the morning and the other in the evening:

Numbers 28:4

Let one be offered in the morning, and the other at evening;

Ezekiel 46:13

And you are to give a lamb a year old without any mark on it for a burned offering to the Lord every day: morning by morning you are to give it.

Ezekiel 46:15

And they are to give the lamb and the meal offering and the oil, morning by morning, for a burned offering at all times.

Ezekiel 46:14

And you are to give, morning by morning, a meal offering with it, a sixth of an ephah and a third of a hin of oil dropped on the best meal; a meal offering offered to the Lord at all times by an eternal order.

Leviticus 9:17

And he put the meal offering before the Lord, and taking some of it in his hand he had it burned on the altar, separately from the burned offering of the morning.

2 Kings 3:20

Now in the morning, about the time when the offering was made, they saw water flowing from the direction of Edom till the country was full of water.

Leviticus 6:12

The fire on the altar is to be kept burning; it is never to go out; every morning the priest is to put wood on it, placing the burned offering in order on it, and there the fat of the peace-offering is to be burned.

Psalm 88:13

But to you did I send up my cry, O Lord; in the morning my prayer came before you.

1 Kings 18:26

So they took the ox which was given them, and made it ready, crying out to Baal from morning till the middle of the day, and saying, O Baal, give ear to us. But there was no voice and no answer. And they were jumping up and down before the altar they had made.

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