Morning Worship

Most Relevant Verses

Exodus 29:39

"You are to offer one lamb in the morning and the other at twilight,

Numbers 28:4

Offer the first lamb in the morning and the second toward the evening,

Ezekiel 46:13

He is to present a one year old lamb without defect for a burnt offering to the LORD in the morning every day.

Ezekiel 46:15

They are to present the lamb offering, the grain offering, and the oil every morning as an ongoing burnt offering.'"

Ezekiel 46:14

In addition, he is to present a grain offering with it every morning, consisting of a sixth of an ephah mixed with one third of a hin of oil. This grain offering is to be offered to the LORD as a permanent ordinance.

Leviticus 9:17

Next, he brought the grain offering, filled his hand with it, and burned it on the altar next to the burnt offering for that morning.

2 Kings 3:20

The very next day, about the time of the morning offering, water suddenly appeared, coming from the direction of Edom, and the land overflowed with water!

Leviticus 6:12

The fire on the altar is to be kept burning continuously without being extinguished. The priest is to burn wood on it every morning, arrange burnt offerings over it, and then burn the fat contained in the peace offerings over it.

Psalm 88:13

As for me, I cry out to you LORD, and in the morning my prayer greets you.

1 Kings 18:26

So they took the ox that was given to them, prepared it, and called on the name of Baal from early morning until noon. "Baal! Answer us!" they cried. But there was no response. Nobody answered. So they kept on dancing around the altar that they had made.

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