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17 Bible Verses about Numbers Of Males

Most Relevant Verses

Ezra 8:3

From Shecaniah's descendants and from Parosh's descendants: Zechariah, along with 150 men whose genealogies had been certified.

Ezra 8:4

From Pahath-moab's descendants: Zerahiah's son Eliehoenai and 200 men with him.

Ezra 8:5

From Zattu's descendants: Jahaziel's son Shecaniah and 300 men with him.

Ezra 8:6

From Adin's descendants: Jonathan's son Ebed and 50 men with him.

Ezra 8:7

From Elam's descendants: Athaliah's son Jeshaiah and 70 men with him.

Ezra 8:8

From Shephatiah's descendants: Michael's son Zebadiah and 80 men with him.

Ezra 8:9

From Joab's descendants: Jehiel's son Obadiah and 218 men with him.

Ezra 8:10

From Bani's descendants: Josiphiah's son Shelomith and 160 men with him.

Ezra 8:11

From Bebai's descendants: Bebai's son Zechariah and 28 men with him.

Ezra 8:12

From Azgad's descendants: Hakkatan's son Johanan and 110 men with him.

Ezra 8:13

From Adonikam's later descendants: Eliphelet, Jeuel, Shemaiah, and 60 men with him.

Ezra 8:14

From Bigvai's descendants: Uthai, Zabbud, and 70 men with him.

Matthew 14:21

Now those who had eaten were about 5,000 men, besides women and children.

Matthew 15:38

Now those who had eaten were four thousand men, besides women and children.

Mark 6:44

There were 5,000 men who had eaten the loaves.

Luke 9:14

Now there were about 5,000 men. So he told his disciples, "Have them sit down in groups of about 50."

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