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8 Bible Verses about Paying For Goods

Most Relevant Verses

Numbers 20:19

And the children of Israel said to him, We will go by the high way; and if we drink of thy water, I and my cattle, then I will pay for it: I will only, without anything else, go through on my feet.

Lamentations 5:4

Our water have we to drink for money, our wood cometh unto us for a price.

Ezekiel 16:33

They give rewards to all harlots; but thou gavest thy rewards to all thy lovers, and rewardedst them, that they might come unto thee on every side for thy whoredoms.

Luke 10:35

And on the morrow as he left, taking out two denarii he gave them to the innkeeper, and said to him, Take care of him, and whatsoever thou shalt expend more, I will render to thee on my coming back.

Philemon 1:19

I Paul have written it with mine own hand; I will repay it: that I say not to thee that thou owest even thine own self also to me.

Acts 21:24

take these and be purified with them, and pay their expenses, that they may have their heads shaved; and all will know that of those things of which they have been informed about thee nothing is true; but that thou thyself also walkest orderly, keeping the law.

Acts 28:30

And he remained two whole years in his own hired lodging, and received all who came to him,

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