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25 Bible Verses about People Of Judah

Most Relevant Verses

Joshua 14:6

After this, the descendants of Judah approached Joshua in Gilgal. Jephunneh the Kenizzite's son Caleb told him, "You know the promise that the LORD gave Moses the man of God concerning the two of us in Kadesh-barnea.

Joshua 7:16

So Joshua got up early that morning, brought Israel near tribe by tribe, and the tribe of Judah was selected.

Numbers 10:14

The standard of the camp of Judah was the first to travel, accompanied by its army with Amminadab's son Nahshon in charge.

Judges 1:2

The LORD replied, "The tribe of Judah is to lead you. Look! I've given the land into their control."

Judges 20:18

The Israelis mounted up, traveled to Bethel, and asked God what to do. They said, "Who is to lead us in our opening attack against the descendants of Benjamin?" The LORD replied, "Judah is to open the attack."

1 Samuel 11:8

Saul mustered them at Bezek, and there were 300,000 Israelis and 30,000 men of Judah.

1 Samuel 15:4

Saul summoned the people and mustered them in Telaim, 200,000 foot soldiers and 10,000 men from Judah.

2 Samuel 3:8

What Ish-bosheth said made Abner furious, so he replied, "A dog's head for Judah is that what I am? Up until today I've kept on showing loyalty to your father Saul's dynasty, to his relatives and friends, and I haven't turned you over to David, but you're charging me today with moral guilt regarding this woman!

2 Samuel 19:11

So King David sent this message to Zadok and Abiathar, the priests: "Ask the elders of Judah, "Why are you the last to bring the king back to his palace, considering that what's being reported throughout all of Israel has come to the king at his palace?

Daniel 1:6

Included among the people of Judah were Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah.

Daniel 6:13

Then they told the king, "Daniel, who is one of the Judean exiles, pays no attention to you, your majesty, or to the written decree, since he is still praying three times a day."

Daniel 5:13

Then Daniel was brought before the king. The king spoke up and told Daniel, "So you are Daniel, one of the Judean exiles whom my grandfather the king brought from Judah!

Hebrews 7:14

Furthermore, it is obvious that our Lord was a descendant of Judah, and Moses said nothing about priests coming from that tribe.

Revelation 5:5

"Stop crying," one of the elders told me. "Look! The Lion from the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered. He can open the scroll and its seven seals."

Numbers 26:21

The descendants of Perez included: From Hezron, the family of the descendants of Hezron; and from Hamul, the family of the descendants of Hamul.

Numbers 26:20

The descendants of Judah, listed according to their families, included: From Shelah, the family of the descendants of Shelah; from Perez, the family of the descendants of Perez; and from Zerah, the family of the descendants of Zerah.

Joshua 7:17

He brought near the tribes of Judah, and the Zerahite tribe was selected. Then he brought near the Zerahite tribe family by family, and the household of Zabdi was selected.

Joshua 7:1

Later, the Israelis broke their promise regarding the things that had been turned over to destruction. Carmi's son Achan, grandson of Zabdi and great-grandson of Zerah from the tribe of Judah, appropriated some of the things that had been turned over to destruction. As a result, the LORD became angry with the Israelis.

Exodus 31:2

"Look, I've called Uri's son Bezalel, grandson of Hur from Judah's tribe

Exodus 35:30

Moses told the Israelis, "Look, the LORD has called Uri's son Bezalel, grandson of Hur, from the tribe of Judah,

Exodus 38:22

Now Uri's son Bezalel, grandson of Hur from the tribe of Judah, made everything that the LORD had ordered Moses to build.

Numbers 13:6

From Judah's tribe, Jephunneh's son Caleb;

Numbers 34:19

These are the names of the men: Appoint Jephunneh's son Caleb from the tribe of Judah,

Numbers 1:7

From Judah: Amminadab's son Nahshon.

Numbers 2:3

"The encampment of Judah is to settle east toward the sunrise under their standard. The leader of Judah is to be Amminadab's son Nahshon.

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1 Kings 14:23

They erected high places, sacred pillars, and Asherim for themselves on every high hill and under every green tree.

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