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8 Bible Verses about People's Inability To Understand

Most Relevant Verses

Daniel 5:8

Then all the king's advisors came in, but they were unable to read the writing or tell the king what it meant.

Daniel 4:18

"This is the dream that I, King Nebuchadnezzar, saw. Belteshazzar, tell me its meaning, since none of the advisors in my kingdom can tell me its interpretation. But you are able to do so because the spirit of the holy gods is in you."

John 6:60

When many of his disciples heard this, they said, "This is a difficult statement. Who can accept it?"

John 16:12

"I still have a lot to say to you, but you cannot bear it now.

John 8:43

Why don't you understand what I've said? It's because you can't listen to my words.

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