Priestly Inheritance

Most Relevant Verses

Deuteronomy 18:1

The priests, the Levites, and the whole tribe of Levi, shall have no portion nor inheritance with Israel: Jehovah's offerings by fire, and his inheritance shall they eat,

Joshua 13:14

Only to the tribe of Levi he gave no inheritance: the offerings by fire of Jehovah the God of Israel are their inheritance, as he said to them.

Leviticus 7:35

This is the portion of the anointing of Aaron and of the anointing of his sons, from Jehovah's offerings by fire, in the day when he presented them to serve Jehovah as priests,

Joshua 18:7

But the Levites have no portion among you, for the priesthood of Jehovah is their inheritance. And Gad, and Reuben, and half the tribe of Manasseh have received their inheritance beyond the Jordan on the east, which Moses the servant of Jehovah gave them.

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