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27 Bible Verses about Seven To Nine Hundred

Most Relevant Verses

Judges 20:15

The day of the battle, the army from the descendants of Benjamin numbered 26,000 expert swordsmen from their cities, not including the inhabitants of Gibeah, who numbered 700 special forces soldiers.

Judges 20:16

Out of all these soldiers, 700 of them were left-handed and each one could sling a stone at a hair and never miss.

2 Samuel 10:18

But the Arameans retreated from Israel, and David's forces killed 700 of their charioteers, 40,000 soldiers, and mortally wounded Shobach, the commander of their army. As a result, Shobach died there.

2 Kings 3:26

When the king of Moab realized that the battle was going strongly against him, he took 700 expert swordsmen to attempt to break through to the king of Edom, but was unable to do so.

Nehemiah 7:37

Descendants of Lod, Hadid, and Ono: 721

Ezra 2:33

Descendants of exiles from Lod, Hadid, and Ono: 725

Ezra 2:66

In addition, they had 736 horses, 245 mules,

Nehemiah 7:68

They had 736 horses, 245 mules,

Ezra 2:25

Descendants of exiles from Kiriath-arim; that is, Chephirah and Beeroth: 743

Nehemiah 7:29

People from Kiriath-jearim, Chephirah, and Beeroth: 743

Jeremiah 52:30

in Nebuchadnezzar's twenty-third year, Nebuzaradan the captain of the guard took 745 people from Judah into exile. All the people taken into exile numbered 4,600.

Ezra 2:9

Descendants of Zaccai: 760

Nehemiah 7:14

Zaccai's descendants: 760

Ezra 2:5

Descendants of Arah: 775

2 Samuel 23:8

Here's a list of the names of David's special forces: Josheb-basshebeth the Tahkemonite was head of the Three; he was nicknamed Adino the Eznite because he killed 800 men in a single battle engagement.

Nehemiah 11:12

Their associates who performed the work of the Temple numbered 822. Jeroham's son Adaiah, the son of Pelaliah, the son of Amzi, the son of Zechariah, the son of Pashhur, the son of Malchijah,

Jeremiah 52:29

in Nebuchadnezzar's eighteenth year, 832 people from Jerusalem;

Nehemiah 7:13

Zattu's descendants: 845

Judges 4:3

The Israelis cried out to the LORD, because of his 900 iron chariots. Jabin oppressed the Israelis forcefully for twenty years.

Judges 4:13

So Sisera gathered his iron chariots together from Harosheth-haggoyim all 900 of them, along with all the people who were assigned to them and they assembled at the Kishon River.

Nehemiah 11:8

Meshullam's son Sallu, who was the son of Joed, the son of Pedaiah, the son of Kolaiah, the son of Maaseiah, the son of Ithiel, the son of Jeshaiah; and after him Gabbai and Sallai, numbering 928.

Ezra 2:8

Descendants of Zattu: 945

1 Chronicles 9:9

along with 956 of their relatives according to their generations. All of these were leaders of families according to their ancestral households.

Ezra 2:36

The Priests: Descendants of Jedaiah from the household of Jeshua: 973

Nehemiah 7:39

The Priests: Jedaiah's descendants from the household of Jeshua: 973

2 Chronicles 15:11

They sacrificed to the LORD that day 700 oxen and 7,000 sheep from the spoil that they had brought with them.

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