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9 Bible Verses about Shortage Of Wine

Most Relevant Verses

Hosea 2:9

"Therefore I'll return and take back my grain at harvest time and my new wine in its season. I'll take back my wool and my flax that was to have covered her nakedness.

Joel 1:10

"The fields lie in ruins and the ground is dried up. Indeed, the grain is ruined, the new wine has evaporated, and the olive oil has run out.

Hosea 9:2

Neither threshing floor nor winepress will sustain them, and the new wine will disappoint her.

Isaiah 24:7

The new wine evaporates; the vine and the oil dry up; all the merrymakers groan.

Joel 1:5

"Wake up, you drunkards! Cry aloud and howl, you wine drinkers, because your supply of new wine has been snatched from you.

Hosea 7:14

They will not cry to me from their heart instead, they wail on their beds. They gather together to eat and drink, turning away from me.

Haggai 1:11

I sent a drought on the land, on the mountains, on your grain, on your new wines, on your oil on everything the ground produces on men, on livestock, and on everything you do!'"

Haggai 2:16

When someone came to a pile of grain to get 20 measures, there were only ten. Or when someone approached the wine press to siphon out 50 measures, there were only 20.

John 2:3

When the wine ran out, Jesus' mother told him, "They don't have any more wine."

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