Smiting Of The Righteous

Most Relevant Verses

1 Kings 22:24

Then Zedekiah the son of Chenaanah went near, and smote Micah upon the cheek, and said, Where now went the Spirit of Jehovah from me to speak to thee?

Matthew 27:30

And having spit upon him, they took the reed and beat him on his head.

John 18:22

But as he said these things, one of the officers who stood by gave a blow on the face to Jesus, saying, Answerest thou the high priest thus?

Acts 23:2

But the high priest Ananias ordered those standing by him to smite his mouth.

Job 16:10

They gape upon me with their mouth; they smite my cheeks reproachfully; they range themselves together against me.

Luke 6:29

To him that smites thee on the cheek, offer also the other; and from him that would take away thy garment, forbid not thy body-coat also.

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