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4 Bible Verses about The Mighty Men

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 10:8

And, Cush begat Nimrod. - he, became a hero in the earth;

1 Samuel 14:52

And the war was severe against the Philistines all the days of Saul, - and, whensoever Saul saw any mighty man, or any son of valour, he drew him unto himself.

2 Samuel 23:8

These, are the names of the mighty men, who belonged to David, - The president a Tachmonite head of the charioteers, the same, was Adino the Eznite, for eight hundred, slain at one time.

1 Chronicles 11:10

Now, these, are the chiefs of the heroes, that pertained to David, who held strongly with him in his kingdom, with all Israel, to make him king, - according to the word of Yahweh, concerning Israel.

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