The Second Day Of The Week

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 1:8

And God called the expanse Heavens. And there was evening, and there was morning a second day.

Numbers 7:18

On the second day offered Nethaneel the son of Zuar, prince of Issachar;

Joshua 10:32

And Jehovah gave Lachish into the hand of Israel; and they took it on the second day, and smote it with the edge of the sword, and all the souls that were therein, according to all that he had done to Libnah.

Numbers 29:17

And on the second day, ye shall present twelve young bullocks, two rams, fourteen yearling lambs without blemish;

Ezekiel 43:22

And on the second day thou shalt present a he-goat without blemish for a sin-offering; and they shall purge the altar, as they purged it with the bullock.

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