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12 Bible Verses about Turning One's Back

Most Relevant Verses

Exodus 33:23

Then I'll remove my hand so you may see my back, but my face must not be seen."

Jeremiah 18:17

"Like the east wind, I'll scatter them before the enemy. I'll show them my back and not my face, on the day of their downfall.'"

Jeremiah 2:27

who say to a tree, "You are my father,' and to a stone, "You gave birth to me.' They have turned their back to me, but not their faces. In the time of their trouble, they'll say, "Rise up! Deliver us!'"

Ezekiel 8:16

Then he brought me to the inner court of the LORD's Temple. There, at the entrance to the LORD's Temple, between the porch and the altar, were 25 men, with their backs toward the LORD's Temple and facing the east, prostrating themselves to the sun.

Joshua 7:8

Lord, what am I to say, now that Israel has run away from its enemies?

2 Samuel 22:41

You made my enemies turn and run that is, those who hate me and I destroyed them!

Psalm 18:40

You have made my enemies turn their back to me, and I will destroy those who hate me.

Psalm 21:12

Indeed, you will make them retreat, when you aim your bow at their faces.

Exodus 23:27

"I'll go ahead of you and terrorize all the people to whom you are coming. I'll confuse your enemies and make them turn their backs on you and run away.

Judges 20:42

So they turned tail and ran away from the army of Israel toward the wilderness, but they were overtaken in battle when soldiers came out from the cities to destroy them.

Jeremiah 48:39

"How it will be shattered! How they'll wail! How Moab will turn his back in shame! Moab will be an object of ridicule and terror to all those around him."

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